Friday, April 5, 2013

our week in iPhotos

oh man.  this week in iPhotos is all about sunshine, cute kiddos, working out & good food.  it doesn't get much better than that.  the northwest teased us seattle-ites this week by giving us just a taste of sunshine & legit spring... just in time for easter.  and now?  baaaack to the rainy days.  ah well, we all knew it was bound to happen.

this weekend is gonna be pretty laid back around here... we may or may not journey to portland looking for a good time.  sam & i both agreed that our little family is in need of an adventure.  i mean it's been all of two weeks since our last vacay, two weeks too long if you ask me.

here's what our last week looked like through the lens of my iPhone.

happy weekend friends!

{i post lots of my photos in real time on instagram.  do you instagram?  let's gram together! @amy_agoodlife}


  1. I love your pictures!!! Thank you for sharing your beautiful boys with all of us!

  2. I'm loving the pictures! What a scenic place to work out! The salad and "Tacos" (I think they are tacos right?) look delish. And your boys are ADORABLE!


  3. loooooooooove all your workouts. i can't wait to get back out there once this tiny one graces us with her presence.


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