Monday, April 8, 2013

elliot | seven months.

here we are, having watched another month come & go.  i liked this month.  this was honestly the first month i stood back, looked at my day & said to myself... dude, we got this.  we've hit our stride.  we have a routine, our days have structure & for the most part, i have my sanity.  that doesn't mean there aren't moments where both kids are crying or i'm attempting to cut potatoes with one arm while bouncing a fussy baby in the other because that actually happened tonight.  but.  for the most part, we got this.

here he is all growed up to seven months {... and a few weeks}.
{compare previous p-ray & elliot pics here}

elliot is a fairly easy going kiddo... he still isn't the biggest fan of being put down for floor time but he's getting way better scooting around the living room & i'm pretty sure crawling is in our very near future. a baby that can get around & grab what he wants tends to be a happier baby, so i'm excited for crawling to happen.  he's mastered rolling & loves to just roll & roll & roll... he rolls over while having his diaper changed because he thinks it's hilarious & busts out with the cutest laugh.

he took his first legit road trip this month, traveling 14 hours to & from salt lake city in the ol' carseat... he did awesome.  he slept heavy for most of it & the only times he got really fussy was when it was time to stop & eat anyways.  rockstar status.  he still just has the two bottom teeth but his top gums are bulging like crazy i swear it's gotta be any day now the top teeth pop through.  i hope so, it looks painful!

he goes to bed around 7:30, wakes up to eat once or twice & is awake for the day around 8 or so.  he naps twice for 1 to 2 hours each time & still doesn't really like being put down for the most part.  he loves baths & laughs when water is poured over his head... he kicks his legs & flails his arms like a maniac & has graduated from the infant tub to a laundry basket {thank you pinterest for that one!}.

he still isn't interested in solid foods or bottles & refused to eat for TWENTY ONE HOURS while i was away for some training.  he's cray that way.  he nurses 5-6 times a day {1-2 of those times are at night} and looks like you're poisoning him when food is put in his mouth.  we've tried avocado, bananas, sweet potatoes, green beans & baked potato & leek soup & he didn't see the sense in any of it.  we'll have to step up our game this month.

he is still obsessed with his brother.  elliot & parker are best buds & it makes me so happy to see them play together.  although my day is full of "parker, elliot had that toy first, you need to find something else to play with at the moment" and "parker, if he's crying that means he doesn't like it so you need to back off a little.  ok, stop.  parker, stop!" yeah... lots of that.  elliot totally wrestles back.  he gets his head down & grabs onto parker & holds his own a little.  i am so in for it with these two.  also, i swear the hardest i have EVER heard elliot laugh has been because of something parker did.  no one can make elliot laugh like parker can.  cutest thing ever.

i mean seriously, did you see those two?  it's that.  all. day. long.

and also? he is still so dang cute.

love this kid.


  1. Awww I love it! I know what you mean, brothers+best buds! I see it in all 3 of my boys. Landon waked up every morning and goes says either GAGA or GAVINNNN lol. He adores his little bro. Braiden adores protecting him from Landon haha. I look forward but cherish these days as well to the days my 3 boys are off camping alone together, going out to the movies, traveling, going out together to do guy stuff! Then adding in their daddy to the mix is just even more to look forward too ;) We are lucky mamas! Boys will always take care of us :)

  2. The wrestling is so adorable! Elliot is a lucky boy to have such a fun big brother!

  3. he's so stinkin' cute. I love these updates.
    I think month 7 was my favorite :)

  4. He is so stinking cute! My son refuses the bottle too but he has never done it for 21 hours.. that's real determination! I love seeing your two sons interact -- I can tell they are going to be best buds growing up.

  5. love the wrestling photos. So fun! Also i don't know if elliots smile could be any juicier. so adorable!

  6. Oh my gosh, that first pic of both boys with their heads together. Literally made my heart melt. Sooo stinking cute!!!

  7. They are so precious together! I hope my boys are like this. :) Sky hated most solid foods until he was around 10/11/12 months so i'm sure he will come around. He is such a cutie!

  8. So sweet, there's nothing in the world like brothers!:D


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