Friday, April 26, 2013

parker! you're three!

today my #1 turns three.  three years old.  you guys that's like, little KID status.

we're celebrating tomorrow with a parker day-o-fun.  pancakes for breakfast, a ride on the train to the zoo & dinner at chipotle... all per p-ray's request.  this is the first year he gets that it's his birthday, we've been talking about it for weeks.  he knows that he's turning three years old & that we get to do some fun things for his big day.

having a little kid is amazing.  he is so. much. fun.  sure, it's a constant battle of who's in charge around here... most of the time he thinks it's him.  but the rest of the time?  it's just like hanging out with my little homie.  he is so smart.  i am constantly amazed at his desire to learn knew things, to read & count & to point out things he knows.  he knows all his letters & numbers & constantly spells words out when he sees them & asks what they say.  he can spell his own name & can write it out on the computer or on our phones.  he can count to 20 & always barters with me for more... "ok, here are 3 more chocolate chips."  "ummm, how about 4 more?"  that's a typical conversation around here.

he loves "dinosaur train" & his thomas trains are his favorite.  he acts out little scenarios with them all day long... "thomas & percy are best friends & gordon is so fast!  oh, james is so sad because he lost his freight cars!"  it's that & much more over & over.

he really is such a good little boy.  he's a toddler, so yeah... he has a short fuse sometimes.  but honestly, i don't think parker has a mean bone in his body.  he is such a sensitive little guy & just loves to be loved.  he loves his dad & his brother & i think we're pretty good buddies too.  he gets so proud when we watch him accomplish something & beams with pride when he's done a good job.

his favorite foods are oatmeal, toast, yogurt, french toast, cheesy noodles, grapes, strawberries, bananas, peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, rice, cereal, chicken nuggets, applesauce, veggie squeezy pouches & cheese.  so yeah, we have a picky toddler eater on our hands.

this year i got to see parker become a big brother.  he has handled the transition better than i could have possibly ever hoped for.  he loves elliot SO much & has never ever been resentful or mean toward him.  the only thing he is sometimes guilty of is wrestling too roughly but i think that just comes with the boy territory.  whenever he talks about doing anything it always includes elliot.  he wants elliot to come everywhere with him & always comforts elliot when he cries.  elliot is obsessed with parker too & i hope the bond between these two brothers stays this strong forever.  so far parker is everything i hoped he would be as a big brother in these first eight months.

i love this little monster so much it hurts.  i love the way he is growing up & becoming a little person.  i love that i can have conversations with him & that he has opinions & can tell me the way he sees things.  he is so funny.  he is witty & has me laughing every single day all day long.  he is just a good kid... he is cautious & smart and :::knock on wood::: doesn't really do things he's not supposed to do.  he's a joy to be around & have i mentioned i just love him so much?

well i do.

and i can't wait to celebrate his big day with him all day long tomorrow.  because he deserves it & i hope he knows how much his mom & dad love him.

happy third birthday to my little first born.  can't wait to watch you grow one more year.  i think this year is gonna be a good one, p-ray.


  1. Aww Happy Birthday Parker!! Have fun!! 3 is awesome!

  2. Oh how wonderful! Such a gorgeous little man! Miss Daisy will be 3 in July and like Parker has requested her birthday events! She wants a Tangled party with Rapunzel... :)

  3. Happy Birthday, Parker! Such a big boy, and such a sweet post!!

  4. Happy Birthday to your sweet boy Parker!! such a cutie!!

  5. wow....happy birthday Parker! I hear being 3 is awesome :)

  6. Aww Happy Birthday Parker. Your love for him radiates all through out this post :)

  7. Such a sweet post! Brings tears to my eyes because I know exactly how you feel. This toddler stage is SO fun and nothing is better than watching your child learn and develop. We're huge fans of Parker around here and are excited to watch him continue to grow!


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