Friday, February 21, 2014

doin' it the PNW way.

we've had a pretty dry winter, if i'm being honest.  so you'd think i wouldn't really complain about the rain in true seattlite fashion... but i'm gonna.  the rain makes me soooo lazy.  i blame the rain for sitting around the house watching movies with my boys instead of being productive.  toy story, thomas & friends & wild kratts movie marathon?  the rain made me do it.  the laundry isn't done because of the rain.  i had to stay curled up in a blanket with my little monkeys because... rain.  true story!

so yesterday, after a couple days of being home-bound, we hit our breaking point.  rain or no rain, we were going outside to play.  i'm so glad we did because if there's one thing i think little boys need to do {especially in the PNW} it's get dirty.  these guys were so stoked to put on their boots & stomp around in the puddles & wade in the flooded lake.

the first picture below is literally elliot's face the moment he realized i was gonna let him walk through the puddles.  kid kills me.

and lastly, i will just say that i'm grateful for my P365 project for sometimes getting me out of the house when i might not want to.  pictures of us sitting around our house don't make for very interesting compositions day after day so i have to admit, the "need" to get out & find something fun to photograph definitely increases my motivation to get outdoors.  it's always good times.

well, it's all fun & games until elliot falls flat on his bum in the lake anyways, which is how this story ends.  {not pictured}.


  1. i can't get over p-ray with his hands in his pockets! he looks so grown up these days :( i just love your photography. i love the mood it sets and i die for your composition and editing skilz. i say it again and again, i wish you can mentor me in photography! i've been in manual for a while now, but i'm still doing it all wrong ;0) have a wonderful weekend! xo

  2. my son would really love to do something like this...puddles and piles are snow are his favorite! and p.s. your photos and editing are beautiful!

  3. man i love looking at your photos!! this looks like so much fun! my boys would absolutely love to play in water no matter what the weather is like! ;) loving your blog so much!!

  4. Amazing & Beautiful photos! You have inspired me to take some outdoor pictures of my almost 4 and almost 1 yr old (they are exactly 3 yrs apart) - once the 3 ft of snow melts!

  5. Gosh I so admire that you take your camera with you everywhere. I'm lucky if I take it out for anything anymore other than work. I really really need to break that awful habit!

  6. I just found your blog! Fabulous shots! Puddle jumping is a favorite of my kids (and most kids I'm sure, haha)!


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