Friday, March 7, 2014

flashback friday // colorado, last year.

one thing i missed a ton during my blogging hiatus was posting family trip photos.  actually, i didn't really get to pay much attention to them myself because our vacay was during the photog busy season & these bad boys got pushed to the back burner... aka: i just edited all of these yesterday.  so maybe you could say i missed having a life during the busy season?  ohhhh, the life of a wedding photographer.

anywho, i finally got around to going through some photos i shot while we were visiting the denver area last june.  we had gone down for a little reunion with my whole side of the family & then extended our stay a few days to check out the city.  colorado is such a cool state!  so much to do if you're into the outdoors, which we are.  and they have like 300 days of sun or something?  that's insane.  this seattle-ite would possibly shrivel up & die if i was exposed to that much light.  just kidding, but seriously.  i wouldn't know what to do with myself (probably have a life outside my house???)

and i didn't really include any pics of my extended family because that would have extended this post by about three-fold.  so many fun ones of my sisters, mom & dad, uncle & aunt (the ones that are shown below doing the team roping), grandma, nieces & nephews & brothers in law (or is it brother in laws?)  maybe i'll do a separate post... maybe not.  haha.

looking through these photos makes me excited for our next family travels.  we're headed to austin & san antonio next month!  i've never been to texas & i'm pretty dang excited to see if everything really is bigger there.  i wanna eat me a big ol' steak & see some cowboys.  it just feels like what should be done.


  1. Beautiful pictures! Great compositions & colors! Nice capture of your activities!

  2. Is that bonnie brae ice cream? If so, then you were just two blocks from our house! And if it's not..well then you missed out ;)

  3. Beautiful photos as always! Enjoy your trip to Austin and San Antonio...I live here and it's a wonderful place to visit! So many good places to eat and see.

  4. The boys look so tiny in the stroller. Wow! A year changes so much!

  5. Wow beautiful pictures!.very colorful. It is relaxing!


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