Wednesday, March 26, 2014

never a dull moment // lunch time antics.

parker will be four next month & elliot just turned nineteen months.  we've hit an awesome stride.  elliot doesn't talk a whole lot (i'm planning a post on this soon) but he communicates pretty much everything he wants one way or another & is a generally happy little dude these days.  also, almost-four-parker is my favorite parker yet.  way better than three to three & a half parker... those were some rough times, at times (it's like they say, three has NOTHING on two years old).

today at lunch they insisted on sitting by each other.  they watched each other eat & when one drank his milk the other had to do it too.  they would just look at each other & laugh, like it's all part of some silly inside joke.  i love watching these two play together, it makes my heart so freaking happy.  seeing them get along & enjoying each other's company is one of the biggest paydays i've ever received.  sure, there are many times throughout the day where they argue & push & throw punches (boys! seriously!) but more often than not they are building train tracks together, racing cars down the hallway together or having an "animal party" in their room (they love them some stuffed animals).

i remember worrying about how parker would adjust to not being the only child or how i would be able to share my love with more than one baby & it makes me laugh.  i wouldn't want things any other way.
i love these two little goofballs & we're getting pretty dang close to that point in time where i really, really wish i could just find that permanent pause button & make 'em stay this way forever.  before they figure out that i'm not really that cool, before they start to really compare themselves to one another, before it takes more than just drinking your milk at the same time to send you into a full-on belly laugh.

these two make my heart so, so happy.

ps: bonus points if you saw parker's duck lips.  seriously, what is with this kid & the duck lips??  kills me.

pps: this gif is a composite of 55 still frame photos & was created in photoshop... because i know someone will ask ;)


  1. This is too cute - & totally caught the duck lips!! Xo

  2. The gif is the best thing in the entire world.

  3. So cute... and now I need to figure out how I can make a gif in photoshop ;)

  4. the duck lips is the first thing i noticed! love it!

  5. Adorable!! Saw the duck lips too!
    1. We are in the "early 3s" stage - no joke. Glad to hear it lightens up!
    2. I posted a comment before about the not talking much - my son was exactly the same (in fact, didn't say a whole lot until just past TWO and a half), but now is a total chatterbox (with amazing accuracy) and a real "thinker" - so I think he was just soaking it all in and processing everything. It had me kinda worried me for awhile, but similarily, he could still communicate just fine. The other day we were going to lunch in Tacoma and he asked what town lunch was in when I answered "Tacoma" he said "oh, like by Cheney Stadium?" Knocked my socks off! ;)


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