Tuesday, March 18, 2014

grocery shop, eat, run, repeat.

welcome back from the weekend!  well, a day late i guess but if you're like me monday is just a day spent in a blur, being sad the weekend is over.  so tuesday is where it's at.

we just had your basic lovely little weekend.  errands, a trip to the bookstore, grocery shopping, dinner out, dessert & a long run.  i did eight miles this weekend!  they were slower miles than my seven last weekend & while i was running with super low energy i swore i would lay off the cookies & ice cream this week & get more sleep.  dang you decisions made while running!  (which means i should probably sign off in 3... 2... 1...)

it's starting to get moderately springy around here.  cherry blossoms are in bloom & the sun is (occasionally) out.  while it's still pretty dang cold, it's a start.  my kids literally shrivel up like naked mole rats when the sun gets in their eyes, it's a little sad how they almost have no idea what that bright orb in the sky even is!

did anyone do anything awesome for their kids for st. patrick's day?  my instagram & facebook was all aglow with green eggs & ham, lucky charms, pots of gold & apparently most popular this year was the green leprechaun pee stunt.  guess what we did around here?  we wore green shirts!  boo-yah.  st. patrick's day done.  believe it or not though, parker was pretty excited about it being st. patrick's day & how we got to celebrate by all wearing green shirts... apparently dressing alike is popular with the three year olds.  oh my gawsh i love him & if he could stay this age forever i might allow it.

and while we're on a st. patrick's day note, did anyone see this post going around facebook from huffington post about all the things st. patrick's day related that you think are true but aren't?  blew my mind a little bit.  and you know it's true because it's on the internet, so there.

here are a few snaps from our weekend & happy tuesday!

p.s.: first off, congrats & thanks for making it through this little random photo dump.  now i have to ask, is my comment thing working?  i've had a few people tell me on my facebook page that it wasn't letting them leave comments so that has me wondering what's up w/ the ol' blogger.  if you feel so inclined let me know whether it's working for you here & if not, let me know on facebook.  thanks friends! 

p.p.s: i swear this isn't just a plug to get a few extra comments, i really had a handful of people tell me the comment box wasn't working.  but let's be honest, who doesn't love a friendly hello & notice that you stopped by?  no one i know, that's for dang sure.


  1. Sounds like a similar weekend to ours. And I don't know about you, but I kind of love those kinds of weekends! Welcome to a new week!!

  2. looks like a wonderful weekend! love the cute pics! :)

  3. I love it when the trees start to bloom. : ) Great pictures.

    ~Sarah : )


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