Wednesday, February 1, 2012

this is gonna be random. and involve bullet points.

it's one of those nights where anything i may have to say really has nothing to do with the next thing i may have to say.  which really isn't that surprising because it's kinda how my brain operates on a daily basis.  who likes a one tract mind, anyway?  plus i'd kinda like to knock out a few thoughts so i can hurry & go curl up in bed with "catching fire".  just being honest.

•   you guys.  i finally broke down & bought those hunters i've been drooling over.  i got the black matte ones & am totally justifying it by saying i will need them to tromp through tall grass for photo sessions protecting my feet from snakes & wetness.  and i live in seattle, the rainy day capital of the world so do i even need a reason to buy rain boots?  seems like they should be required equipment around here, really.

•   i made this crock pot mashed potato recipe from pinterest last night.  they rocked our world.  there is no going back to old methods at this point... the vote was unanimous {parker's vote included wolfing-down multiple bowls of the stuff & sam's included eating half the batch before they were even out of the crock pot.  so i'd say it was a winner}.

•   i keep complaining about not having a proper camera bag to tote my gear around in but the real reason i don't have one yet is because i can't decide on which one to buy.  i drool over all the epiphanie bags & kelly moore bags & really i should just hurry up & decide because wrapping my camera up in a washcloth & stickin it in the diaper bag is losing its ghetto chic-ness real quick. but obviously i get points for looking super professional. 

•   i totally cheated & read reality steve's blog & i now probably know who ben picks on the bachelor.  i didn't link to it because you bachelor fans might find yourself clicking away & then your head will explode when you see who wins.  i've already said too much.

•   speaking of this, i really suck at surprises & suspense.  i googled the ending to the twilight series & ended up never reading the last book.  nine times out of ten i will read the synopsis of a movie we're watching on imdb because i need to know how it ends instead of suffering through another thirty minutes with my stomach in knots.  it is taking ev-er-y-thing i have to not google the end of the "hunger games" series.  so far i'm staying strong.

•   i've been working on a 30 by 30 list & so far i've come up with eight.  i only have seven more months before i turn thirty so this may actually never happen.  maybe i just need to add things to the list like "wash, dry, fold & put away a load of clothes all in one day" or "meal plan & shop for one full week's worth of meals.  then stick to that plan"  or "wear a different outfit every single day of the week with no repeats"... hahahaha, who am i kidding?  this isn't gonna happen.

•   i could eat oreos for breakfast, lunch & dinner.

•   last night when sam was taking parker into his room to read stories before bed, i said, "ni-night parker... can i have a kiss?"  to which he replied {in the cutest sweetest voice, of course}, "nooo!"  and slammed the door shut in my face.  all i heard on the other side of the door were hysterical giggles.  from both sam & parker.

•   this picture is one of my first attempts at using my new camera remote with my new camera in front of what soon will be the new curtains in my living room {as soon as i iron & hem them... so maybe never}.  pretty sure the camera focused on the sleeve of my t-shirt & left the rest out of focus but you get the idea.  cute kid, irresistibly kissable cheeks, pajamas still on at noon.  business as usual!

and with that i am off to grab a stack of oreos & climb into bed with katniss, peeta & gale. be jealous.

happy first of february!


  1. i just read reality steve... i found it earlier in the season but decided not to read it but after reading your post i decided i had to... AND I AM SO UPSET... well not THAT upset.. but seriously... what an idiot.

    Love your posts. You're one of my favorite bloggers. :) keep it up

  2. Hehehehe! I'm dreading the day that one day Rawley will do shut the door in my face too when I ask for a kiss. But hysterical giggles from Sam and Parker is the cutest thing ever :)

  3. Off to reality Steve's website RIGHT NOW! I never read that finally book of twilight, and I agree with the oreos statement.

  4. I've had a lot of posts like this lately. Because seriously, how can you focus on one thing at a time. It is impossible. I really want one of the Kelly Moore bags, the one that can fit a camera, ipad and laptop. Obviously I wouldn't be toting that around on the regular, but I'm back and forth between my parents house, and their vacation house in Georgia, and I just need a safer way to transport all my electronics!

    And Ryann thinks slamming the door in my face is the funniest thing ever. Wonderful.

  5. Your posts make me smile, that's why I return daily! :)

  6. Just gotta say I love the bullet points.

    I totally read Reality Steve after watching Monday's Bachelor. I have no more respect for Ben. I felt bad for him in Ashley's season and now he just makes me mad.

  7. Haha love these posts. I want a pair of hunters so bad! I think if I lived in seattle I could very well come up with an excuse to wear them all the time. For now I just have to tell the hubs I NEED them because spring is coming and it rains alot.

    I also love the last picture. mommy/baby love

  8. Crap, I have a feeling I know who the bachelor picks. It's Vienna all over again, huh? I might just have to go read it. It's not that exciting of a season anyways. lol

    This was a fun post. I think in random thoughts too. So I'm making those mash potatoes this week and I need to buy some Oreos asap! hehe

  9. Lov-ing your bullet points. I had a post like this a few weeks ago. Sometimes you just gotta get that random crap off your chest.
    Ha ha oh my gosh. We have so much in common. The one thing that really stood out to me is how you read the ending of movies/books/shows before you watch/read them. I seriously do this, too. I HATE waiting. I'm so impatient. It's a flaw, I know. Oh well. Ha ha. I have wanted an Epiphane bag for so long but for some reason I still can't justify spending the money. I just got a really nice canon camera bag 2nd handed. It's done the trick. But a new camera bag is definitely on my list!

  10. I am diggin' the random though bullet posts. Those are my favorite kind.

    and your curtain comment had me laughing. I bought material to hem to the bottom of my current curtains and I did one, hung it up to see what it looked like and that's it. I just have ONE "finished" curtain hanging in my living room... for weeks.

    Everyday I think, "I should finish the rest" and then I start reading blogs....

    Maybe I should go finish them now....

  11. I have been showing restraint and not googling the bachelor spoilers, but after you post I totally had to cheat, too, and am left SO upset...

    AND those mashed potatoes will definitely be part of our dinner one night this week! YUM!!

  12. omgomgomg. i read the bachelor spoilers too and i just want to DIE. i seriously considered a boycott. i am irrationally upset over this.

  13. Love this. :) I got a Kelly Moore Bag for my birthday in December and I'm head over heels in love with it!

  14. Haha bullet points! I've officially flat-lined! I loved how you used them.

    What ever shall you do with Parker a.k.a P-ray? He is just toooooooo darn Ahhh-dorable!

  15. I pinned that exact same recipe and I'm dying to try it. Glad to hear it turned out good.

    I'm now contemplating and searching the ending of the bachelor but I know I won't watch the show if I know who he chooses LOL

    I have the Kelly Moore bag and love it. I too had a hard time choosing which one to go with.

  16. ok...i totally feel like you are my other half!! i also went to steve's reality blog to see who ben picks!! That is really too funny and such a disappointment!! Plus oreos and the hunger game our my life right now while the hubby is gone! you are too cute and i just love love LOVE your blog!!!

  17. Oh, it's so hard to resist Reality Steve, and I totally google things when I want to know the ending to them. Yes, I am impatient. :) I also like to pull a Harry from when Harry Met Sally from time to time, and I read the last page of a book before I get there. Also, I'm totally making those mashed potatoes.

  18. I could totally eat oreos for breakfast, lunch and dinner as well.

  19. i hate surprises. i read the blog {duh}... wwwhhhhaaaatttt? ever.

  20. uummmm oreos are basically a super food. michael made oreo shakes last night and i haven't stopped thinking about it all day today. round 2? tonight.

    don't read catching fire ending! no! finish. it is so so good. i am teaching hunger games to my 9th graders in a month, and i can't wait!

    i am the WORST at surprises. i love love them, but i can't ever execute. pretty sure everyone always knows what i have up my sleeve. not sneaky at all.

  21. Gosh your boy is precious! I want to check out that potato recipe. I am in love with potato recipes and slow cooker recipes!

  22. OMG, I am in love with Kelly Moore bags, but I just can't take the leap to buy one! Not sure why, but I need to!!
    ♥ Kyna

  23. Confession: I often look up the endings of books on Wikipedia of all places. Such a party pooper! Love this photo of you two, that baby boy is a stunner!

  24. i love oreos! i think that's a good reason for getting hunter boots, i've been wanting yellow ones but where can i really wear them too in hawaii? i also like to google movies and books. i've made a 30 before 30 list and haven't even started on anything on that list. posts on random thoughts are awesome.

  25. These curtains are AWESOME! I love them as your backdrop - maybe you should just leave them there :) ps- I LOVE taking photos with my remote! It's so much fun!


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