Sunday, February 19, 2012

our week by iPhone - week 66

another week that has gone by in a blur.  valentine's was awesome & i took all kinds of pictures with the intention of doing a v-day post but it probably just isn't gonna happen.  you'll survive without seeing a play by play of my homemade chocolate dipped strawberries, right?

we had an awesome week & an awesome v-day & samm-o did an awesome job on the day o' love.  so props to him for that.  here's what it all looked like!

monday.  after stroller strides, p-ray & i picked up some strawberries to try our hand at chocolate-dipping them.  more on that later.  i spent nap-time editing pictures from my first newborn session {check out my favorites HERE!} & p-ray spent bath time looking cute & chubby.  love him.

tuesday.  parker started the day of love off with a v-day themed brekkie & then i showed some 80's love at stroller strides for 80's day.  after an awesome workout we headed downtown to pick up some cupcakes for dessert & then went home to prepare all of sam's goodies.  we made handmade cards & dipped strawberries in chocolate & it turns out they are way too easy to make.  this is dangerous knowledge.

after sam got home we ate pizza, drank root beer & then i watched him & parker wrestle.  it was pretty much perfect.

wednesday.  i got a taste of what two kiddos will feel like someday & parker got a taste of what being a big kid feels like when he sat at the dining room table while i watched a friend's little girl.  i have to say, it wasn't that bad so if this baby comes out eighteen months old, i'll be golden.

another random parker bedtime pic... this time with his leg up on his sheep.  i'll find any excuse to take a sleeping baby picture.

thursday.  i worked in the office & was recognized at our staff meeting for reaching my five year anniversary with the department.  i got a pin & a certificate & a round of applause.  really outdid themselves.

i made the appointment for our BIG ultrasound!  it's on march 14th which seems like a million years away so i'm trying not to think about it.  i'm sure it'll be here before we know it & it'll take forever all at once.

while i was working, parker had an awesome time with his sitter getting treated to some yummy food out & then we had a fancy feast of mac n' cheese for dinner.  that's fine dining, yo.

and thursday's sleeping baby pic?  drool puddle.  'nuff said.

friday.  after a quick check up at my doctor's office parker decided he needed to go down the two flights of stairs by himself.  who am i to say no?  i was on a high from hearing kid two's heartbeat loud & strong on the doppler.  one of the best sounds in the whole world, am i right?

then we went & picked up some subway & ate like the classy folks we are in the les schwab tire place while a leak in my tire got patched.  parker was very in to sportscenter playing on the lobby tv.  he is is father's son.

friday night consisted of fro-yo & late night art projects.  instagram photostrips!  inspired by this pinterest pin.  good times!

***photos edited on instagram.  do you instagram?  find me @amy_agoodlife & let's picture bond!***

that was our week!  how was yours?  i wanna see, so link up!

Game Rules:
1.  your pictures have to be taken by your camera phone. that's it!  you don't even have to have a picture for every day.  got one camera phone pic of something fun from this week?  link up!

2.  if you want to grab the code below & put it in your post to have the linky with all the thumbnails show up on your blog do it.

and please post a link to my blog so others can come here to grab the code, too.
the more kids who come out to play, the more fun it will be, right?

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  1. That photo project looks so cool! Congratulations on your accomplishment at work - it is always great to be recognized! 80's day sounds fun! Parker is super cute as always!!

  2. The chocolate covered strawberries looked yummo! Good job! Congrats on your first newborn session! You must have been excited :)

    Parker, you're entirely too young to have a censor bar haha! He is just the cutest!

  3. Your commentary cracks me up every time! Beautiful newborn session, congrats! You did an amazing job as usual :) I can't wait for one day when my photography is bragable ;0)

  4. those dipped strawberries look bomb.

  5. Can't wait until yo find out the gender, so exciting! And Annie's mac and cheese is the bomb.

  6. ohh strawberries with chocolate, nom nom!

    Congrats for your work and first newborn sessions.

    I still love your adorable parker xoxo

  7. we made chocolate covered strawberries too, it was after valentines day though. those cupcakes look really good. i love the instagram photo strips!

  8. what a great week! Those cupcakes and strawberries look so good and loved your 80's get up!

  9. Parker in the tub is my fav this week. Yay for a great Valentine's Day!

  10. Such a sweet little kid. I love the way you put these pictures together. If I could get organized enough I would someday link up. :)

    Do you put them in the frame yourself? What tool do you use?


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