Sunday, February 26, 2012

our week by iPhone - week 67

i liked this week.  even though parker is getting more persistant & his emotions are getting a little more extreme {i'm laughing!  i'm crying!  i'm so happy!  i'm so mad!!!} he is such a blast.  and bonus.  this week was awesome because he napped at least a solid two hours every single day without any drama.  and that makes for a good week in my book.

here's what it looked like in iPics.

monday started off with book exchange day at stroller strides.  after a sweet work out we scored a sweet new {to us} book.  win win.

and do i lose my place in the mom of the year runnings for picking up my kid his first happy meal?  if so, i don't wanna be right.  because he loved those nuggets & i loved a break from making lunch for a day.

after naptime we snuggled on the couch while i stalled doing housework but eventually did my thang while p-ray ran around as the blanket monster & played with trains on the windowsill.  two of his favorite things.

monday ended with a skpye date with my very attractive friends.

tuesday was a very exciting day!  it was the day that our new toybox made its move into the house.  the paint is dry & all the parts are in place.  sam is pretty much dad of the year for single handedly finishing this project up.  more on this later.

wednesday i attempted to shop at normal stores for clothes that will work later in my pregnancy.  i got kinda depressed & ended up leaving the store with a t-shirt.  sweet.  really upping the fashion sense there.

the rest of the day proved to be pretty awesome for parker.  happy times at the grocery store, train ride-pushes from dad & goof-ball bath-time with mom.  it's too bad this kid is so hard to please.

i finally cracked open mockingjay wednesday night with the help of some milk & oreos.  this is becoming a nightly thing & i like it.

thursday.  while i was satisfying a major pregnancy craving at work with an amazing deli turkey sandwich {thanks for all your input on the deli meat issue facebook friends!} parker was playing kitchen at his sitter's house, which apparently tuckered him the heck out because he slept flat on his face with his arm pinned underneath his body.  ouch.

friday.  parker & i were pretty happy to go on a costco shopping spree & to have a full fridge & freezer.  seriously, why does costco have so much good stuff??

post-nap snuggles in mom's bed turned into family snuggle time when sam came home from work & immediately put on his jammies & joined the club.  that's how we do friday night at our house.  but once parker was asleep the real party started... sportscenter for sam & mockingjay for amy.  we're crazy like that.

***photos edited via instagram.  do you instagram?  find me @amy_agoodlife & let's picture bond!***

that was our week!  how was yours?  i wanna see, so link up!

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  1. That toy box is so awesome! My hubby is nowhere close to be talented in the handy department. I have to buy it or learn how to do it myself ;0)

  2. what a fun week!! you take the best pictures!!

  3. Very cool toy chest! I could totally eat oreos and drink milk every night! Friday night pajama time is the best. That is the one night we enjoy doing nothing at all! Looks like you had a great week!!

  4. You look pretty on your pregnant outfit, excited for you!

  5. What a fun week!! Hope you're liking Mocking Jay. That is an awesome!!!!

  6. Great week! You look so adorable with your baby bump! Can't wait to hear more about this toy box :)

  7. I love our Costco trips and most of them are spendy ones. :) I also love how zonked out Parker is in the little toddler bed. What a cutie.

  8. P-ray the blanket monster!!! That made me laugh so hard. I'm always in awe by how much fun you two have together.

    That tummy's growing! I can't wait til baby comes. You're glowing!

  9. What I love about this post:
    ~Your baby bump
    ~Your happy-meal-eating-kid
    ~The amazing toy box
    ~The shopping!!!

    And pretty much everything else :)

  10. first happy meal?? oh gosh. mom of the year goes to ME because dane has been eating those for..ehem...a while.

    and the mickey nuggest. oh gosh. another favorite. can you sense we eat a lot of chicken (nuggets)?

    the sandwich looks amazing. and i'm not even pregnant and craving.

    i had other equally important (i'm sure) things to say. i'll probably be back. a few times.

  11. I always love the sleeping pics! I wish I could take some of my girl, but I'm so afraid I'd wake her up with the flash...not worth it on the chance she'd refuse to go back to sleep :)


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