Sunday, February 5, 2012

our week by iPhone - week 64

not joking, i'm still on a high from announcing this pregnancy.  it's so fun to have all you in on this with me now & be able to be open about all the kid two related things we've been up to.  because this is kinda  a big deal to us!  like a really big deal.

so here's what we were up to this week.

monday.  after workin on our fitness at stroller strides we just had a laid back afternoon watching birds fly around outside our window & takin it easy watching some basketball on the couch.  exciting stuff around here that day.

tuesday.  parker & i went in to my OB's office & heard the little one's heartbeat.  parker HATES being shut in the exam room & kinda freaked out so i wasn't able to record it.  he only calmed down when we went back out to the lobby & got to look out the ginormous windows.

we were so excited to hear a strong, healthy heartbeat that some celebrating was in order.  lunch at chipotle & some shopping at target made a good day even more awesome.

wednesday.  after a groggy morning of sesame street in bed we got up & went about our day.  apparently there wasn't much in the day that was picture worthy until sam & parker had giggle fest during story time before bed.  and that?  was heart melting.

and sleeping on one's back with arms behind your head & legs crossed?  always picture-worthy.

thursday.  thursday was baby reveal day!  not only did i break the news on my blog i also brought in donuts to my coworkers with a note about my bun in the oven.  while i was out getting lunch a couple of my co-workers decided to pick up a little somethin that expressed their thoughts on what kid two might be.

what do you think?  are you team pink or team blue?

after work, i basically had to drag parker out of the sitter's kicking & screaming.  his sitter has a collection of like a million thomas trains & parker is literally in choo-choo heaven all day long.  it's kinda his biggest fantasy.

thursday night included a trip to the home depot for some diy supplies & some more frog-posed sleeping.

friday.  parker scored HUGE friday morning at stroller strides when we got the best hand-me-down in the world... a thomas ride along train!  are you kidding me?  i don't think he's let it out of his sight since we brought it home.

after stroller strides we did some outfit shopping for last minute family pictures on saturday.  i can't WAIT to see them... i'm kinda dying of anticipation.

friday night was a pretty exciting night around here... lots of thomas rides, ear-plugging in the bathroom {he thinks it's SO funny to plug his ears while i'm talking to him} & milk, cookies & "catching fire" in bed at 10:00 pm.  basically, perfect.

that was our week!  how was yours?  i wanna see, so link up!

Game Rules:
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  1. haha! Kimmy also thinks it is hilarious to stick her fingers in her ears when I'm talking and say, "What mom? I don't hear you!"

  2. you have adorable boy and he will have adorable sister or brother.

    I was hoping for team PINK for you :D x

  3. Are you excited for The Hunger Games movie??'s on our family calendar.

  4. Babies and donuts and Hunger Games: OH MY!! Looks like a great week. I can never get enough sleeping baby poses, always adorable.

  5. I'm so excited that you're pregnant! I'm thinking PINK for you. :D

  6. I am on Team Pink for you, because it would be perfect to have one of each!! Will got that same Thomas train from a friend, and he loves it! Looks like Parker is loving his too!! For some reason now, Will never wants to leave the babysitters house. He loves his friends there and the toys, so he always runs from us during pick up time now! Looks like you had a perfect week!!

  7. Team blue! I really think that Parker's going to have a little brother soon :) Girl, I'm still so excited for you!!!! I just can't get over it!

  8. Wow Congratulations first of all. I went back and read your prior posts and I love both of those announcements! So cute!! it does sound like you had the perfect week. Are you done Catching Fire? It's so sad when the series ends.....

  9. Bennett hates going in the exam rooms, too. I took him to all of my OB appointments until I was 28 weeks but I won't take him anymore cause he freaks. Ha ha. And... I think I'm on team pink for you. Yep. You're going to have a girl :)

  10. Team Pink all the way baby!!!! Well, at least I hope ;)

  11. That Thomas ride on is SWEET. My kid would flip his lid. And I am firmly on Team Pink for you, so we can be baby-twinsies...although I LOVE the idea of brothers. Brothers!!

  12. owen really likes thomas trains right now too!! the pic of parker plugging his ears is priceless!! :)

  13. I'm kinda jealous that you can get cute photos of Parker asleep. Alexa is such a light sleeper I can barely sneak in the room to check on her without her standing up and jumping around.

    And I'm on team green. Boy or girl, it will be amazing!

  14. Looks like a wonderful week! So excited for your happy news :)

  15. By "it" I meant the experience, not the baby. He or she will be amazing, too!

  16. I'm voting pink...just because it would be fun to see another girl baby around! I love the way you announced your pregnancy to co-workers. So clever! And I can't wait to see your family pictures!

  17. The kids that I took care of had that Thomas! They loved it!!!

    I love the way you broke the news to your coworkers! :)


  18. Wow Target and Chipolte sounds like a perfect Tuesday to me. I love how you announced your pregnancy at work. So cute. Are you going to do stoller strides all throughout your pregnancy? I wish we had one in our local area...the closest one is about 45 minutes away which is hard to get to with two in tow and working 32 hours a week.

  19. Isn't it funny how little boys are so over the moon for Thomas the Train? Congrats on your pregnancy!

  20. Lovely, i like so much your blog.


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