Saturday, May 5, 2012

our week by iPhone - week 77

holy cow friends, holy cow.

it's been a whirlwind last few days & i just have a few minutes to talk about it before it's off to bed to recover.  sam & i have been in st. louis since thursday so i could shoot a wedding on friday.  it's been so fun!!  we've been missing parker like crazy but we've skyped a couple times & he is having a blast back home with his auntie, so we've been able to enjoy these kid-free days knowing he's in good hands.  thanks jodi!!

anywho, this is gonna be short & sweet because this girl is tired!

monday.  distracted by baby kicks while at work & counting down the hours til i got to drive home in the pretty sun & play with my little monster.  once home i made some to-do lists & a packing list for my st. louis trip.  i'm kinda an obsessive list-maker.  while i was busy doing that, parker thought it was hilarious to brush his teeth with his dad's toothbrush... which it was.

then it was outside for some puddle splashing til sam got home.

tuesday.  get ready for a parker overload because i'm preparing you {& myself} for a few days without his little face.

so here he is, shopping for his favorite snacks at trader joe's, forgetting why he was throwing a fit on the floor mid-tantrum & just hanging out instead, lining up all his cars & trains so they're just right, being a little cheeser in the bath tub & looking adorable in his sleep.

then there's me, doing stuff on the computer... pretty typical.

wednesday.  we hit up some stroller strides for the first time in a couple weeks {vacation & sick kid made this pregnant girl a little lazy} & then came back home for a pb & jelly-faced giggle fest.  this kid kills me.

wednesday night was all about packing up for the trip... and photographers do NOT pack lightly.  multiple cameras, lenses, chargers, some lighting equipment, cords & computer things make for a heavy load.  lots of things to remember, thus all the list making.

thursday started at 2 am for sam & i.  it was up at 2 am & out of the house by 2:30 to be at the portland airport by 4:00 am to catch our 6 am flight.  made for a long day & a super tired couple.  we got to st. louis around 1:00 pm & were starving so we hit up the first place we saw that looked foreign & awesome... white castle.  turns out their sliders are mushy & no-good.  ah well.

after loading up on mushy sliders, french fries & a milkshake, we set off on a three hour drive to nauvoo.  at some point on this drive i realized we'd been in six states that day... washington, oregon, colorado {had a layover}, missouri, iowa {drove through on our way to illinios} & illinios.

how many people do you think can say they were in six states that day?

anywho, we got to nauvoo around six & crashed for an hour or so before climbing out of our hotel room like zombies in search of more food & a some site seeing.  turns out nauvoo, illinois is a pretty cool little town.

friday.  i honestly didn't take a single picture with my phone on friday.  oops.  i was too busy having a blast shooting this gorgeous couple on their wedding day.

after the wedding a little more exploring around the town, sam & i drove back to st. louis for some dinner & an early bedtime.  actually, that was sam... i think he was in bed by 10.  i may or may not have been up another four hours playing with wedding photos.  ha!

saturday.  after rolling out of bed around 10:00 {whaaaaat??} we set out to explore st. louis a little bit before we had to be at the wedding reception for more picture taking.  we hit up pappy's smokehouse for amazing bbq & drove down around the riverfront & gateway arch.  some pretty cool stuff to see in ol' st. louis!

it's been a pretty amazing trip & i can't believe this weekend is almost over.  as sad as i am that it's just sped by way too fast, i am also so freaking excited to get home to parker... can't wait to kiss those cheeks!!

***photos edited via instagram.  do you instagram?  find me @amy_agoodlife & let's picture bond!***
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  1. thank your lucky stars you didn't get sick from white castle. wc is all over IL, we have them up here in chicago & it's one place we avoid completely {although my hubby thinks its funny to throw a suggestion of it out there now & again. bleh}.

    sounds like you had a great weekend downstate. it was hot down there but weddings are always fun! can't wait to see many more of the wedding pics!

    safe travels back home!

  2. You flew all the way to St. Louis for a wedding?! Big time fancy photographer WHAT! I love Parker forgetting his tantrum. Such a chill kid.

  3. looks like a fun and busy week! I wasn't sure if you were going to have time to put up your weekly pics, but am glad ya did - ill link mine up with your's stat! safe travels home! :)

  4. your welcome for watching your little man. We have been having a good time but you can tell this little man is missing his parentals. Get here already, this little boy NEEEEEEEDS you.

  5. Finding you on instagram now!

  6. Parker is so cute!

    I can only imagine how much equipment you had to take with you! Sounds like you're having a great trip though!

  7. what a beautiful wedding you shot! how awesome you got to fly somewhere to shoot that!!!!! you have some natural talent lady! i hope someday i can be at your level...practice, practice, practice :) safe travels back!

  8. What a fun trip -- can't wait to see more wedding photos and get together to hear how it went!

  9. Glad you liked St. Louis! We are pretty fond of living here, ourselves! :) White Castles are actually affectionately coined "belly bombs"...for reasons I'm sure you can imagine. I don't go near them; I'll say that much ;) For your next trip I would highly recommend the City Museum... quirky, fun, and you'd get some great pics!

  10. That wedding photo is spectacular!

  11. The wedding picture is beautiful!

  12. I cant believe we were in the area on saturday! I could have walked right past you. Crazy world. My husband and I had a wonderful weekend at the Hyatt regency next to the arch.


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