Saturday, May 26, 2012

our week by iPhone - week 80

happy long holiday weekend saturday morning, friends!  we're off to spend some time down in portland with family & there just might be some hot dogs roasted & a s'more or two eaten.  and if i have my sneaky little way, i'll probably throw some peanut butter cup s'mores in the mix & then go into a happy coma for a few days.  so we'll catch up on the other side of that, mmmk?

here's what we did this week.

monday.  we woke up to pouring rain & a cancelled stroller strides class so what better way to kill some time than shopping & cooking?  p-ray & i hung out around the house & i whipped up some pinterest-inspired "man-pleasing chicken" which turns out, is not only "man-pleasing" but also "toddler-pleasing."  p-ray was pretty into it.

so into it that he giggled all the way through his bath.

tuesday.  the rain wasn't gonna keep us indoors another whole day so we strapped on our rain gear & drove to stroller strides.  after class, parker spent a good 45 minutes splashing in puddles & getting completely soaked.  toddlerhood is pretty awesome.

wednesday.  i spent the day getting work done in my jammies {working from home is kinda awesome} & stuffing leftover cookie dough in my face.  that evening p-ray & i met up with sam on his way home at the grocery store where parker took lead of the cart pushing... he's a pretty no-fuss cart pusher & allows very little stops.

nothing exciting happened that night, unless you count lining cars & trains up in the windowsill as exciting, in which case every night would be a party around here.

thursday.  i flaunted my extremely poked out belly button in the office {really, belly button?  really?} until it was time to go pick up parker at the end of the day.  only thing is his sitter was out running errands so i had a little time to kill... oh, hello target muh-love.

then i drove my silly little man home where i painted my nails summery-tangerine-orange & parker stalled bedtime with some cute antics.

friday.  it turned out to be a gloriously gorgeous day so we spent a good hour playing at the park after stroller strides.  there was all kinds of tunnel-crawling, dirt-playing & flowers-giving to pretty older girls.

friday evening we headed downtown for a walk around the lake where i hauled my belly up a small mountain for an awesome picture & parker played king of the bench.  love me some {almost} summer-time strolls with my two favorite boys!


***photos edited via instagram.  do you instagram?  find me @amy_agoodlife & let's picture bond!***
that was our week!  how was yours?  i wanna see, so link up!

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  1. Love this wonderful, positive post! Packed with everyday happy! It's all great & Parker is always delightful but I especially love the feel of the hill shot! Looks so exuberant, airy and free...

  2. Love that puddle splashing! We bought new boots and have barely had a chance to splash. Hopefully soon! Enjoy your holiday weekend!

  3. Aww! Great photos Amy! Lovin' them as always :)

  4. Peanut butter cup s'mores? I just whipped up a batch of these this morning... haven't tried them but they sound right up your alley :)

  5. I love this blog and everything about it. I have been reading it for awhile but have yet to say hello. well...Hello!

  6. Those windowsill pics are too sweet :)
    And I had the same belly button issue- and it never went back in!! No bikinis here!

  7. He's too cute and always looks happy! Love that essie color!

  8. My little dude is quite the cart-pusher too! So fun! You are looking seriously adorable and that hill shot puts the "awe" in AWESOME! Like something you would see in a magazine! :)

  9. Love your pics, as always! Especially the one of you and the clouds that says Friday. What filter did you use on that one?

  10. that blue shirt looks stunning on you!

  11. Love that picture of you on the mountain! Hopefully some more sunshine is headed our way!

  12. You always have the best IG pictures!!! :)

  13. Love the shots! Amazing! :)
    Just followed you on Google Friend Connect. Hope I get a follow back. Thank you! :)


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