Tuesday, June 9, 2015

clean eats // chocolate energy bites

so i talk a big game about clean eating & cutting out processed foods but what does it all mean if it never goes on my blog?  i mean what is the point of living if we're not sharing everything on social media, right?  i kid, i kid.

but seriously.  make these.  i think we've gone through about three batches in the last couple weeks & we're not slowing down on them anytime soon.  my kids love clif bars & z-bars & all those snacky things but with so many good recipes out there i wanted to attempt to find a replacement.  this is our replacement.  and with sam being the mathematical guru he is, we set out to figure out how much these cost to make per ball to see just how worth replacing store-bought bars it really was.  we calculated about $0.50 a ball.  not too shabby!

here's what you need:

mix it all up, refrigerate overnight & enjoy!


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