Thursday, June 25, 2015

the scientist & the lens

this post serves two purposes.

1)  parker is obsessed with science stuff.  volcanos, history of dinosaurs, geology, crystals, fossils, animals, etc etc.  he says he wants to be a zoologist, marine biologist & paleontologist when he grows up.  ok bud.  anywho, his latest obsession is this volcano science kit he got for his birthday which includes a few rocks formed from volcano eruptions.  one is a geode you can crack open to reveal crystals inside.  we finally got around to cracking open his geode tonight.  the most exciting part to parker, being the sweet little guy that he is, was that there are now two pieces of his geode... one for him & one for elliot.  love that kid.

2)  i got a new lens.  i picked up the sigma 50mm art this last week & took it outside to play this evening.  trying to shoot lifestyle stuff at 50mm is throwing me for a loop, guys.  i'm SO used to my 35mm.  and when i shoot weddings i shoot my 35mm & my 85mm and use them both very differently so figuring out this 50 is totally challenging me.  i guess it's good to mix it up?  also i feel like the color & exposure is just... off.  i haven't shot a picture with it yet that just WOW'ed me.  but i'll keep playing with it & am determined to figure it out.

so. enjoy a few pictures of parker cracking open his geode & me trying to figure out this freaking lens.

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