Wednesday, June 17, 2015

june // is it summer yet?

it sure feels like it!  splash pads, tank tops, popsicles, bbq, repeat.  not too shabby.

we're taking the boys on their first camping trip & we're all getting pretty excited.  their sleeping bags were out on our living room rug for days so they could practice & every trip to the grocery store now includes walking the camping aisle just to make sure there isn't something new & cool we need for our trip.  we'll see how this goes.

i have once again hit a wall in my working out & clean eating.  what even is that?  like life just gets busy & it's the first thing to go.  late nights, slow mornings & poor meal planning have all made me so unmotivated.  it's just so much easier to not do it all.  but ugh, i'm feeling sluggish & lazy & something's gotta give.  i just have ONE MORE WEEK of my kayla itsines 12 week workout guide & my body is just like "nope." i have to push through that somehow & just get it done so i can start it over or i will never forgive myself.  get it together amy!

i went to the ingrid michaelson concert last night totally last minute.  i had a friend text me literally on her way there to see if i wanted to go & it just so happened i had gotten dressed & done my hair that day so i thought why the heck not?  you can't waste a good hair day & i mean the alternative was flopping down on the couch & having a lazy tuesday night (not that there's anything wrong with that).   it was a blast.  i only know like three or four of her songs but i'm a music fanatic so obviously when we pushed our way down to the front row & were like ten feet from ingrid & her band & the music was amazing, i cried.  i'm such an emotional weirdo!  but sometimes it just feels good to remember you're a person who is more than a mom & you love love & somewhere deep inside you there is still a free spirit who loves concerts on the grass & whatever crap you're dealing with, it's all gonna be alright.  ya know?  it was good.

so now i'm surfing the venue's concert calendar for this summer to see who else i can catch there.  maybe becoming a groupie is still in the cards for me!  don't we all aspire to be that chick who's "with the band?" just me? ok.

have i mentioned our june has been a sun-filled blast so far?  enjoy some of my favorites from our (not quite yet summer) summer so far.

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