Tuesday, June 9, 2015

may around here // always catching up

it's starting to feel a lot like summer in these parts.  sam keeps saying that with climate change portland has become the new san diego & we won the jack pot.  and after the last few 80+ degree days we're starting to wonder if this is for real... the weather has been SO nice but it's so not normal.  at least i don't think?  i guess this is our first spring/summer living in portland so what do we know.

anywho, we're keeping busy. lots of hikes, splash pads, sprinklers & down time inside trying to escape the heat.  night time is my time to work which means staying up super late editing.  then of course i wake up really unmotivated & tired in the morning, making me want to skip my work outs.  it's a vicious cycle.  when one part of my life gets busy it's almost impossible to keep up on all the other parts.  i think i need to clone myself!  but seriously, i need to hire a nanny so i can work normal hours like a normal human.  oh the joys of owning your own business.

elliot is now officially in a big boy bed {pictured below} and we're all actually loving it.  i was worried it would make bedtime a billion times harder, or at least twice as hard, since instead of one kid repeatedly getting up out of bed we'd now have two.  but so far he's really good & if anything it keeps them both in the room even better because now they just play & giggle in their beds together.

life is good y'all.  we're in a good groove.  the boys push each other's buttons but 75% of the time they are best buds.  i'm really working on making my camera a priority again & it makes me really, really happy.  it's kinda silly how that happens but if you have a creative personality then you get it.

bring on summer!

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