Saturday, February 5, 2011

weekday recap - {in iPhone pics} w.12

this was our second week in maui & also our last before we head home tomorrow.  SAD FACE.
here's what we did.

ben & kim had to head home on tuesday so monday was spent doing the last minute stuff they wanted to do before leaving.  we played in the pool, we ate shave ice, we shopped for souvenirs, we ate dinner at lulu's, & we got ice cream at coldstone.

we had to start the day off on tuesday by taking ben & kim to the airport.  sad.  but before we saw them off we stopped for lunch at a place called "da kitchen."  the place was filled with locals & had super authentic hawaiian cuisine.  yummm.  that night we watched the sun go down & took a long walk down the beach.

wednesday was a beach day.  i snorkeled & sam took parker in the ocean up to his armpits & he didn't freak out.  success!  after p-ray passed out from all the excitement, we went to the mall for a little stroll.

on thursday we went for a mini walk at a wildlife refuge.  it wasn't too exciting & we saw minimal wildlife.  ah well, it was still fun.  that night we went out for some fish & chips & did coldstone round two.

we ventured out on friday for a little five mile hike in a nature preserve among all kind of hardened lava flow.  it was a good time.  and then there was that part where stumbled upon the two skinny dippers in the ocean.  oops.  that night we hot tubbed it up & then played some cards while watching "the social network" which brings me to my next question... anyone want me to invest $1,000 in their business venture?  only pre-requisite is that i must get many billions back afterwards.  doesn't seem too hard, right?

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  1. looks like you guys are having SO MUCH FUN!!! and the pics on your other camera are GORGEOUS!!!! good timing to pick that piece of picture heaven up btw... hope you have a safe trip home! it's always hard to come back to reality! :)

  2. Oh what fun. If I had an iphone I would totally join you! :D

  3. I have had a pretty good week, but I'll admit - yours was better than mine. I mean, I suppose it could have something to do with you being in Hawaii.. I dunno! :)

  4. Looks like such a fun week!! Totally jealous!

  5. awww good times lots of smiles was a good look!

    have a beautiful weekend!

  6. Now I really want some coldstone...

  7. I thought my week was really good, but you topped it again. :)

  8. Wow...your fun-filled two weeks flew by. It was so smart how you catalogued your about having to leave!

  9. Great photos. Looks like a great time. :)

  10. i am so happy for you. it seems like you're having such a wonderful time and really and truly ENJOYING your vacation. that's so awesome! keep the pictures coming, we're all living vicariously through you. and you look AMAZING, by the way ;)

  11. what a freaking fun week! ryan and i watched social network the other night too! hopefully we can plan a day to hang in the next few weeks!!

  12. Love the one of you and Parker! Cute!


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