Monday, February 21, 2011

"get to know me monday."

so i have a quite few questions that were left unanswered from my "ask my anything" post way back before the vacay.  i've been meaning to answer them because they were all really good ones, so i'm gonna pick a few & answer them each monday for the next few weeks. 

mandy asked:

"what is the absolute best thing about being a mom?"

geeze.  there are so so so many great incredible things about being a mom.  the thing that pops into my head right now though, is being able to comfort my baby.  being able to scoop him up in my arms & soothe him in only a way i know how.  and that of all the people in the world, I am his mama & no one can take that away from me.  another amazing thing, is the absolute joy that having a child brings into your life.  watching him grow & experience new things & develop a personality & do things on his own is just indescribably amazing.  i really had no idea how incredible it would be.

when looking at blogs, what catches your eye?  what kind of blogs do you follow?  and which ones inspire you?

i love a fresh, clean, uncluttered & well put together blog.  i follow lots of mommy blogs, a few fashion blogs, lots of photog blogs, & a couple craft blogs.  i am really inspired by rockstar diaries. she always has great pictures of her & her family doing fun things.  her blog is a great reminder to get out, make memories, & enjoy the little things in life.   oh, & she always inspires me to try & look my best too.  she is always so. dang. cute.


wendy asked:

if you could go back in time to before parker was born, what would you say to yourself?

hmmmm... ok, so i thought really long & hard on this one.  and i couldn't think of an answer.  mostly because i don't think i would change anything or give myself any more advice than i already heard.  i mean, people told me all the time about how hard it was gonna be & of course i didn't believe them.  you just don't know until you're in it.  also, sam & i were married for over four years before parker was born so we had plenty of time to enjoy ourselves & our "alone" time.  we were very ready for him to come along & the growing & learning experience has been a blast.

so maybe i would just say to myself, "it's all gonna be worth it."

{18 weeks prego with p-ray}

ok, that's it for now!  i'll answer more questions next monday.  if you have questions, go ahead & ask 'em in the comments or send me an email & i will try to answer them in the order they've been asked.  i'll just keep on doing these posts on mondays as long as i have questions to answer!

thanks friends.

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  1. FUN! Thanks for answering my questions!! I, too, love that I can comfort my baby. It's such a beautiful feeling to know that my babe can trust and rely on me. Love it! And so smart to split them up every Monday.

  2. Yay! Thanks for answering my question. One thing I always think about telling my younger self is that everything is going to be okay because I was so worried about everything early on. :)

  3. How fun. What a great post. I still need to do this. Maybe after my busy weeks slow down. ha ha.

  4. I really agree about being the only person who make your baby feel better. It's the coolest feeling when they just want YOU- that's it. No toy or bottle or any other trick. Just mommy :)

  5. Great idea! Adding your blog to my Wordpress Reader! :)


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