Saturday, February 19, 2011

weekday recap - {in iPhone pics} w.14

valentine's day started off as a pretty standard monday.  we went to stroller strides, hung out around the house, & p-ray played with toys.  then it got real awesome when sam came home with flowers in hand to begin the v-day festivities.  we ate pizza, we watched some shows, we had a little party, parker passed out on my legs.  and i liked it.

the highlight of our tuesday may have been the trip to target.  ok it was.  parker's ridiculously cute grin convinced me to buy him a mini-pillow pet & a new shirt for me.  yes, his grin totally had something to do with my new shirt.  what?

parker made me laugh all day wednesday.  he woke up super happy & stayed that way til bedtime.  win.  and he's becoming such a little explorer lately, he crawls through things, under things, he stands up, he gets back down, & he continues on his way.

oh yeah, & on wednesday night?  he flipped out when sam came home.  we're talking kicking legs, squealing, giggling, grabbing, thrashing arms excitement. you woulda thought i'd been torturing the kid all day.  fyi: i wasn't.

i worked in the office thursday.  this means i buy a breakfast sandwich & a hot chocolate from the cafe in my building & then get to eat it without a kid pulling my hair.  it's pretty sweet.  it's a win for parker too because he gets to play with his bff kaylee all day.  he clearly gave me a disapproving look after i picked him up to come home.

parker & i made a pretty awesome fort & climbed inside to read books.  this my friends, is why you have babies.  i can't think of one other reason.

friday night we went out for dinner in true friday night style & then came home & went to bed at 10:30... also in true friday night style.  be jealous.

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  1. Aww I love when they wake up happy! And it's especially nice when they stay that way all day :) I'm totally going to go build a fort right now!

  2. Yup, you've inspired me once again. I'm off to build a fort.

  3. Looks like a great week! Loved the fort part...

  4. Parker has such an adorable smile!

  5. he is the happiest little boy! i love his smile sooo much! MUST SEE IT IN REAL LIFE SOOOOON! way to go loco friday night! sounds a lot like ours.

  6. I wanna build a fort but no kids here this weekend. Maybe Brian would crawl inside with me. He totally would.

  7. A fort?? Seriously??? I'm officially your biggest fan!! When I was little, my cousin and I used to grab every single blanket and sheet in my grandma's house and turn the entire den into a fort. I used to build forts with my mom too and we would read books and watch TV. Best times, ever!! Parker's a lucky little man :)

  8. You girls and your weekly iphone pictures! Bah! I have a dumb phone with a crappy camera and I canceled the internet on it. I feel left out. Ha ha. Oh and when we were at fred meyer, I almost bought a pillow pet for bennett. I thought of you and P-ray! (i didn't end up buying it, but i might go back!)

  9. love the "drinking hot chocolate" without baby pulling at your hair. oh do i understand!!!

  10. We went to Stroller Strides on Monday and Target on Tuesday too! It's like we're living parallel lives on opposite ends of the country :) Now when's my trip to Hawaii?


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