Tuesday, February 1, 2011

a rainy day, a sippy cup, & a turtle.

still coming at ya from maui, still having an amazing time.  we wake up, we eat costco muffins, we play in the water {either the pool or the ocean}, we eat again.  we play cards, we watch movies, we go to bed, we repeat.

i wish vacation lasted forever.  i could really get used to this.

and oh yeah, it rained yesterday.  know what?  we didn't even care.

parker has mastered the art of drinking from a sippy cup while on vacation.  we also learned that he loves yogurt, hates putting on swim clothes, & gets real freaked out when sand touches his fingers.  vacationing with a kid is fun.

and?  the guys got to swim with a couple sea turtles while snorkeling the other day.  i haven't mustered up the courage to go out in the ocean further than shoulder depth but am pretty sure i will never forgive myself if i come all the way to hawaii & don't give snorkeling a go.  right?


and now, a question answered from my "ask me anything" post. today's question is brought to you by AReese. she asks:

"Do you think you will ever want to train for that triathlon thing again? And, why did you start training for one in the first place (before you found out you were pregnant)?"

ah yes.  my triathlon days.  quick background - i found out i was prego with p-ray about two weeks before i was supposed to compete in an olympic distance triathlon {half mile swim, 30 mile bike, six mile run}.  i had been training for it five days a week for about three months beforehand, but due to my weird background & difficulty of getting pregnant, my doctor said "NO."  so i didn't get to do it. 

would i want to train for another one?  heck yeah, for sure.  but it takes a lot of time & commitment & i think it'll be a while until i can fully commit to it again.  maybe next summer?  for this summer, i will be sticking to a couple 5Ks & hopefully the seattle to portland 205 mile bike ride.

why was i gonna do it in the first place?  training for a race or event is an awesome way to mix up your workout regime & challenge yourself in a way that you don't usually do in a regular ol' aerobics class.  and, if you've never participated in a race i totally recommend it.  they are super fun.  and?  you usually get a free t-shirt, which is pretty cool.

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  1. You look nice and relaxed. So, how did hubby get the picture of the sea turtle? Or is it an aquarium picture you put in the post?

    Also, I went snorkeling in Key West, and I'm terribly frightened of ocean water. I did it only for a few minutes, but it was worth it.

  2. I wanna be there! That turtle capture is wonderful.

  3. You HAVE to go snorkeling while you're there! It was my favorite thing to do when we went years ago and you know I don't like to swim at all! Just find a nice calm bay (that's where all the cool fish are anyway) and get your face in the water! You'll LOVE it!! Glad you're having a great time!!

  4. I think you probably would regret it, but I don't know. The ocean freaks me out man!

  5. i was terrified leading up to my marathon that i was going to wind up with a surprise pregnancy. i actually prayed about it quite a bit...to work that hard and not get to compete must have been really tough! you can totally do it again, mama, and when you do, parker will be so proud of you :)

  6. snorking is defenitly a MUST DO! I am terrified of it as well -- my husband made me go out when we were in hawaii in 2008. he had gone out before me and said he saw two sea turtles. so I went back out with him.... and there was a sting ray headed STRAIGHT FOR US! I FREAKED!!!! wanted to turn around and swim for shore, but my husband didn't let me -- he said I NEEDED to see the turtles... haha. I was scared for my life {so dramatic - LOL} but I'm so happy to say that I actually did it! :)

  7. So glad you are having a fun time...and definitely do the snorkeling! We tried it for the first time on our honeymoon and LOVED it. Enjoy the rest of your trip!:)

  8. Love this post. He is so cute and that turtle picture is so amazing.

  9. Great photos. That is an awesome photo of the turtle.

  10. Great photos! hearing about your vacation makes me want to take one with my almost 9 month old!

  11. The second shot of you and Parker is great!

  12. Looks like you're having a blast!!!! I'm so jealous!

  13. Sounds so lovely. Great pictures too!


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