Friday, January 21, 2011

the part where you ask me stuff.

so i may or may not have mentioned that we were headed to hawaii soon.  cuz ummmmm, we are.  in like, three days.  AHHHH!!!  obviously i won't be doing blog posts per the ushe, but i don't want it to be all crickets in here either.

so here's my idea.  YOU:

that's right.  you guys... meaning, my friends, family, readers, & bloggity friends... yup.  all-y'all need to ask me stuff.  i will try to pick a question a day while we're on vacay & answer it on ze blog.  along with a hawaii picture.  mmmmk?

keyword:  try.  it's hawaii, people.

there is nothing off limits, but i do get to pick what is answered & what isn't.  & i will post who the question came from... unless you want to be anonymous.  that's fine too.

leave your questions either here in the comments or email me at:

in other news:

i think parker's nursing days are numbered.  we've been having biting issues {with those four sharp little teeth} which makes feedings stressful, painful, & traumatic.  because of this stress, i think my supply has tanked & is going away.  today was the first day parker had formula & it was waaaaaaayyy harder on me than i had anticipated.  he, however, guzzled his bottle & seemed satisfied to finally have a full meal.  

nine months of nursing is pretty good, right?  please leave your positive formula-feeding-feedback in the comments.  i thank you in advance.

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  1. we're having the same problem (not biting, but me losing my supply for some reason) and it is very hard emotionally, which i totally wasn't expecting! But 9 months is sooo good, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with formula, especially if it means you get a happy, full baby!

  2. I was losing mine around 9/10 months with Dustyn. I had been pumping milk and storing it, but when I ran out he was on a formula/whole milk combo, then switched to whole milk at 11 months. Carsyn won't even take a bottle. I tried today cause my mom is going to be watching him in a few weeks. Oh as for the biting thing Dustyn did that a couple times, and I would yelp, ouch, flick his cheek and take him off. He didn't do it again, you know if you wanted to try and continue, but formula is awesome too 9 months is wonderful!!

    Sorry so long. Hope you have an awesome trip.

  3. Don't feel bad about the formula thing (I know, easier said than done). I only made it 4 months which made me feel like crap, but eventually I just had to accept it. 9 months is wonderful!

  4. 9 months is amazing! Especially since I know your original goal was 6 months.
    I'm going to spend some time today trying to come up with a good question for you!!

  5. 9 months is great! I made it 7 months with my son. I was upset I couldn't make it further, but I went back to work when he was 4 months and pumping made my supply go down. When I went back to work, he got about 1/2 formula and 1/2 breastmilk. He is doing great and I honestly wouldn't worry about giving him formula.

  6. Yay for Hawaii! Which island are you going to? We're going to Maui in May and it'll be my first time! I'm nervous about the flight though with my toddler!


  7. My supply tanked around Thanksgiving when Prime popped his first teeth. It was the stress or biting with a combo of a cold on the side. I cried for a week about it and was over it. Prime on the other had was as happy as could be to have a big hearty meal and to my surprise and happiness he still likes to snuggle with me while he takes his bottle - not the same as nursing but I'll take it!

    Give yourself a big pat on the back...9 months is AWESOME! And really...Parker is only 3 months away from Whole milk and sippy cups it may help with the transition!

    Enjoy Hawaii, we are so jealous!

  8. Pie has been formula feed her entire life, because of the whole adoption thing. And she is perfect in every way. Not that I'm biased at all. But seriously, totally healthy, 95th percentile in height, 85th in weight, and that's only dropped since she's been walking and slimming out some. 9 months is impressive and you should be really proud of that accomplishment!

    And my questions is...are you done with Parker or do you want more gorgeous bundles?

  9. I'm not a momma but I think 9 months is really good. And if you think it's time then it's time. You know best!
    Have fun in Hawaii!! (I am so jealous, that's been on the top of my vacation list for years!)

  10. Did you participate in the Ask Me Anything craze that swamped the blog land like 6 months ago? It was so fun! I will come up with a question in a bit! Lemme think on it :)

    As for formula, I know I've already talked to you about it... but I have decided that it's just OK. I had to start supplementing with Bennett when he was like 3-4 months old, and from then on he was always 75% breastmilk 25% formula. It took me a while to make peace it with it, but I did. I guess I sort of just realized that "as long as the baby is happy and healthy, and I did my best". Ya know? I hear you on the biting thing. Bennett bit several times when he was teething (he was 10 months old) and that was when I decided it my days of nursing him were over. So... I don't blame you at all. You are a good Mommy, and Parker got the best nutrients and vitamins possible for the first 9 months of his life and that's better than most! You should be happy and patting yourself on the back for a job well done! :)

  11. Oh man...I was looking forward to my week in "iphone" pics! I even had it started! Maybe I will cheat and do it for when you get back! As for formula feeding, well I love it! Have done it since about 4 weeks old. He though had a milk allergy! On a positive note your boobs won't be so huge in your bathing suit :)

    As for my question(s)! I asked this on another blog, but I try and think of something that I haven't seen from you! What is your wedding/engagement ring look like? Did you pick it out or was it a complete surprise by Sam?

  12. Oh is Parker going with to Hawaii?

  13. breastfeeding never really worked out for us, so my daughter has been on formula since day 7.

    but I definitely commend you on going nine months. formula is still giving your boy what he needs, and he got nine months of the good stuff.

    you've done a great job!

  14. I had the same situation as "T" from your comments. I went back to work, and my milk supply tanked. Thanks for a constant effort, it has since improved a little, but it's still a daily struggle. I've been giving daycare as many bottles of breastmilk as I can pump, and if I don't have enough for 3 bottles, then I supplement with formula. I cried when I had to start using formula, but then realized that my daughter is happy either way. She's now 6 months old. Even if I don't make it to the full year, at least I did my best, and she got a daily diet of some breastmilk. Kudos on making it to 9 months!

  15. We supplemented with formula and I am still nursing at 18 months. It is what you feel comfortable. We nurse at nap time, bed time and a couple times at night.

    As for biting, we had an awful time with biting. Blood was drawn, teethmarks were left in my nipple. It stopped. If he clamps down and won't let go, you can pinch his nose lightly and he'll unlatch to breathe. (I got that advice from my LC, in case you think I sound like a child-pinching psycho).

  16. It was obviously way more emotional on me than it was on Niall. He happily took that bottle and guzzled it right down. He could care less about my boobs shortly after that. But it really is hard to break that bond. I want to say that it took me about a week to stop feeling sad about it. Now we're just fine :)

  17. I just had the same thing happen with my little guy at seven months (although my supply plummeted because of insane period where I worked all the time and didn't get a chance to sleep or even eat much, let alone pump enough). Anyway, it was much harder on me than the little guy. I now nurse him twice a day and he gets three bottles of formula. It still makes me sad, but he is thriving. He takes the bottles just fine and is satisfied. We haven't had any issues so far. As someone else said it's much harder on me than on him. I so wanted to make it to a year, but life gets in the way. 9 months is amazing, and feeding our babies is the most important thing.

  18. Amy, 9 months is awesome! We stopped at 8 months. It was hard for me to switch to formula, but Hayden loved it and it made traveling soooooo much easier.:)
    You're a great mom.
    And yes, I am jealous you are going to Hawaii....very jealous. :)
    love you!

  19. hopefully my comment will make you feel better.

    except for my first child, because i was super young and dumb, i breastfed all of my children. unfortunately E, my last child, only breast fed for like 3 months because i got very sick with the flu and was physically unable to breastfeed and not to mention, my supply dried up in a matter of just a couple days. i was told it was because i became so dehydrated. call me lazy but i was offered to take meds to try to get it to come back but i chose not to take them and he went on formula.

    i always believed that breast was best, and i still do, however, i breast fed for a full year with my other children and they were more sick than E has ever been. Phoenix had her tonsils and adnoids taken out and tubes from so many ear infections before she was 3 and Tyler was hospitalized twice in the first year for sicknesses as a baby.

    he will be okay. i think it is harder for us than it is for them. 9 months is a great place.

    ps. have fun on your vaca. and if we don't hear from you, we at least expect a souvenir. :) i'll take one of those hula dancing dolls. hehe!

  20. You are a rock star mom for making it 9 months! Gold metal and all!! :) You know my story so I wont waste space. As for a question... humm.... that's a toughy for me. I'll have to think on that one.

  21. nine months is incredible. it's so hard when you're breastfeeding because you become a nursing mama, and that's a weird group to be in sometimes. these totally unwelcome expectations are placed upon you, and you end up putting them on yourself. then, when you feel like you want to go against these weird rules and expectations, you feel guilty. WE MUST STOP THIS! just because some government agency said that you're supposed to nurse for some allotted amount of time means nothing. every single case is different, and we have to do what's best for us and not feel guilty. breastfeeding is hard, no ifs, ands, or buts about it. so you stop whenever you darn well please, and know that you did an AMAZING JOB! i nursed my first son for almost a year and ezra, my newborn, is breastfeeding now. but i will not feel bad about stopping this time, as i did with henry. i beat myself up for a long time and there is no reason for it. amy, you're an awesome mom and that's what matters...and parker is a healthy, happy baby. YOU ARE A ROCKSTAR!

  22. 9 months is fantastic. When the babies were born, the first question I asked my doctor was "how long do I have to Breastfeed?" cuz i knew how hard it was going to be. He told me between birth and 6 mos is when it is beneficial healthwise. After 6 mos, it's really a bonding thing (but by then they're already bonded).

    With Luci, I BF'd for a year ONLY because she wouldn't take a bottle...and with the twins I went the recomended 6 mos and right away switched over to formula. They love it, I love it, my husband even loves it cuz he can feed the babies too...everyone's happy.

    Good job Mommy!!! You did a fantastic job!

  23. Hi there -
    I've been following your blog for awhile. Definitely feel fine about the formula. I had to give up nursing at about 6.5 months due to stress of a move, working full time, etc. It's amazing what little things can kill your supply. Feel good about what an amazing mom you are and about the fact that you breastfed solid for 9 months. That's quite an accomplishment!

  24. I don't know anything about formula, but I do have a question for you.... Do you think you will ever want to train for that triathlon thing (I can't remember the exact name) again? And, why did you start training for one in the first place (before you found out you were pregnant)? Have fun in Hawaii! It's the best!

  25. I only lasted 3 months with Madeleine. Of course I felt guilty, but BF was really hard on me - not physically but emotionally. I was never comfortable doing it in public and I just felt so trapped. Once I switched to formula everybody was MUCH happier and Madi has always been in the 90% or higher in weight and very healthy :)


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