Sunday, January 9, 2011

weekday recap - {in iPhone pics} w.8

we were still in utah all week & monday was a super busy day.  somehow i only managed to take two pics, & it's of stuff in a shop.  lame-o.  but it's cute right?  these are a couple of my favorite things from one of the shops we visited on monday in provo with sam's brother & his wife & two baby girls.  we had a blast with you guys korry & taffee!  we love & miss you guys.

later that night we had dinner with some good friends & yeah... i failed to take pictures.  oops.

on tuesday morning we sent sam back home on a plane so he could work the rest of the week.  booooo.  we sure missed him on the rest of our trip.  see parker's sad little "i miss dad" face?  things got better later on in the day when we went out for some burgers, fries, & shakes with my mom & dad.

oh, & how cute are sam & parker saying their goodbyes?  super cute.

does this little boy look familiar?  he totally would if you read a little king & i {which you totally should}!  yup.  that's kingston on the left that parker is head-butting.  p-ray & i got to meet up with shawntae & kingston on wednesday for lunch at pizza factory & some crawling around in barnes & noble.  it was a blast, but we knew it would be.  we already love them so much!  there will be more on this later... lots more.

wednesday night we hung out at my sister's & parker played with his cousins.  he had so. much. fun.

we did some serious shopping on thursday with my parents & sisters {this one & this one} that totally tuckered p-ray out.  he powered right through his morning nap & crashed when we got home.  what a champ.  also?  we noticed parker cut his fourth tooth on thursday.  so thaaaaat's why the little man has been a crankipants. 

after some delicious spaghetti dinner at my other sister's house, i went back to my parents' & i skyped with sam on the iphone.  i have yet to find a flattering angle to hold the phone at when skyping.  do you love how large it makes my nose look?  i do.

good morning p-ray!  hooray for a baby that wakes up super happy.  that's how you start a day out right.  no more of this cutting teeth business.  for now at least.

after some tasty lunch at costa vida, we drove around looking for mountainous photo-ops.  i got a few good shots but now realize i know nothing about landscape photography. 

we flew home today.  with a little convincing on my part, the airline attendants allowed my mom to escort p-ray & i all the way to our airline gate.  hal-lei-freaking-lu-lah.  such a HUGE help to have another set of arms when going through airport security.  surriously.

once on the plane parker flew like a champ.  he passed out in his carseat {thank goodness for amazing flight attendants who give you an entire row to yourself!} for the first half, then played happily with toys for the second half.  thank you thank you thank you for that, parker.

also?  thanks to all of you who sent me words of encouragement & advice on traveling alone with the bebe.  my stress level was seriously decreased by all your kind words & thoughts.

so we are home now!  it really does feel good to be home, back in our routine, & back with sam.  but i really do miss my family. so so so much.  sad face.

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  1. I like this little weekly round-up game.. I'm a huge camera-phone person. But mine will be BlackBerry ;)

  2. oh my gosh flying with a baby is totally stressful, i can't imagine doing it by myself! sounds like you have a good little traveler though :)

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog, I really appreciate it!

  4. I'm glad the flight went smoothly and I totally understand about being back in your own routine. There is such comfort in it.

  5. Yay for traveling with baby! I am totally envious of your ability to do it alone! We traveled a lot when JD was younger, but we haven't flown since last May. We have a couple trips planned for this spring, and I'm afraid JD is not going to be as easy to travel with. And now with Baby O, it will be 2-on-2.
    PS- ADORABLE baby you have there :)

  6. It looks like you had an amazing week. Parker looks chill as always.

  7. I'm glad Parker was good for you on the plane. You are a brave woman for doing that on your own!

    I linked up my camera phone post, but the picture wasn't from this week. I hope that's okay.

  8. I love that purse! I've seen in three other times online in the past month and now I think I need one.

    You are SUPER brave for flying with a baby by yourself. I'm glad he was such a dream to travel with!

  9. So happy he was easy to travel with. I have avoided visiting my sister because I am afraid to fly cross country with Spencer.

    I love the picture out of the front windshield. There is something so charming about from the car pictures. I love them.

  10. wow you had such a busy week! You are lucky Parker was sucha a good boy on the plane that is awesome and I am so glad we got to play with you guys!! We miss you ever so muches!!!

  11. So happy that the flight went well! I have been so nervous about flying with my little guy he's almost 2 now though. Guess not so little.

    Anyways, you guys always have such fun week days! I'm working on my post for this and will be sure to link up.

  12. Looks and sounds like a great week.

  13. I feel you on the flying with a baby thing... it was so nervewracking when g and I went to cali... doing it by yourself is sort of empowering though, don't you think? and btw, your nose does not look big on the skype thing!!


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