Saturday, January 22, 2011

weekday recap - {in iPhone pics} w.10

how have we been doing this linky for ten weeks already?  cah-raziness.  here's our week:

parker now stands up when he wakes up from naps & waits for you to come get him.  it's kinda hilarious.  still haven't lowered that crib... hmmm. we really should do that.

monday night p-ray & sam played a game of "roll the b-ball back & forth."  it might sound boring to you & me, but they do it for the longest time & it makes parker giggle uncontrollably.  maybe it's the future NBA star in him.

later that night i was frustrated with parker's biting while nursing & contemplated cracking the lid of the formula sample we have kicking around the house.  more on this later in the week.

tuesday was my day in the office & i was quite productive, thankyouverymuch.  i was so proud of the pretty map i made for a report that i took a quick picture.  it was pretty, trust me.

when i got home i decided to pump & give parker a bottle rather than nurse.  the biting has taken quite a toll on my lady bits.  and you know what?  this was the first time i'd ever given parker a bottle... up until tuesday, it had always been sam.  mommy-milestone.

tuesday night we took a family field trip to target.  clearly parker was unimpressed.

on wednesday i felt the need to wear something other than a hoodie & sweats, & commemorated the occasion by lots of pictures.  it was a rare weekday moment brought on by reading too many fashion blogs... particularly this one {be prepared to throw up at how cute she is}.  also?  i kinda fell in love with that blogger's brown boots, so i ordered the same ones from famous footwear.  they can't come soon enough.

and then it happened.  i couldn't pump enough thursday morning to satisfy parker's hefty appetite, so i cracked open the formula can.  that picture above is parker experiencing his first taste of formula.  he really didn't seem to mind.  at all.  after he guzzled some formula, we headed to story time at the local library.  parker didn't quite understand that the rattle was meant to be shaken with the music rather than shoved down his mouth.  ah well.

friday was going great.  p-ray & i had a fun day of going to stroller strides, hanging out, making weird faces at the cute boy in the mirror {& parker likes to give him wet kisses in the mirror too}, doing fun hang-out-at-home things, then sam came home & we headed to costco & out to eat.  {sam is not posing in this picture... he is showing me the wifi-capable tv he wants.  parker digs it too.}

but then?  friday got awful.

BECAUSE I DROPPED MY iPHONE IN WATER.  yeah.  i don't want to talk about it.  let's just say it's sitting out in the living room with the blow dryer going on low before it goes to bed in its ziplock bag of rice.  my stomach is in knots as i type this.

so now i'm going to bed.  i hope you all had a better end to your week than i did... i hate to be this much of a downer but you guys?  i'm not too happy. 

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  1. I'm linkin up later. I'd love a tutorial on how you do your weekly collages. It's super cute. I hope you have fun in Hawaii, and I can't wait to see a recap on your blog.

  2. So sorry about your bad week. Hoping you can get your iphone working.

  3. AARrgh! I feel your pain all the way down here!

  4. The rice totally works!! I know it sounds crazy, but about a month ago I dropped my Berry down 2 flights of stairs into a puddle of water that was under a gutter with rushing water. I rushed to the Verizon store (where they told me about the rice and I thought they were kidding) and so I went and got rice, took my phone apart, stuck it in the rice and 24 hours later my phone worked perfectly! That rice is amazing. Oh, the hubs also put it on top of the radiator, but I dont know if that helped or not.

  5. Oh man! My heart sunk for you when I read that last night!! :(. I hope you get it working! Just fight the urge to try it too soon or it could short out. And tell Sam that we got a 37" wifi Vizio tv, for our room. LOVE it! :)

  6. My aunt did the rice rick and it worked on her phone. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!!!
    I follow The Daybook blog too. She is totally throw up too cute! She has inspired me to get out of my sweats and do my hair a few time in the last two weeks. :)

  7. you guys are so cute! and i'm so sorry about your iphone! agh - not cool

  8. So sorry about your phone. My stomach always drops a little when I see panicked wet phone tweets. Overall, looks like a fun week! Spencer would play roll the ball for hours, too. I wish he still would. It is a much more fun game than throw the ball at my face.

  9. oh my gosh parker standing up! what a big guy! and ryan totally does the same thing to me at costco. its always a million minutes staring at the same tvs everytime we go! boys are weird.

  10. oh - i forgot to add VERY cool map work! Impressive!

  11. I hope your phone is working! I can't wait to see cute pics of your little guy on vaca! :)

  12. Amy, thanks for your help! Got my header to work. Well that was frustrating! :)

    P.S. I order those boots in black, got them but they're too small so I have to return them and reorder them again. :( Have to wait a little longer. Bummer.

  13. Bummer about the phone! I'm going to miss you guys next week!

  14. I covet those boots, but can't ever order boots online due to my ginormous calves. I also covet your trip to Hawaii - it's going to be -9 degrees here tomorrow.

    I'm so sorry about your phone - my froze up for no reason last week and I cried. True story.

  15. Sounds like you need a holiday...perhaps in Hawaii?

  16. o.m.g. I would die... die I tell you... if my iphone fell in water. I feel your pain. ::hug:: I thought parker could not possibly get any cuter but the pic of him standing up in his crib... adorable. hope this week is better for you!


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