Saturday, January 1, 2011

weekday recap - {in iPhone pics} w. 7

from the minute sam gets home from work until the minute parker is in bed, these two are inseparable.  they have so much fun wrestling, watching sportscenter, & doing all those father/son things that a mom just doesn't do quite the same way.  i love snuggling & playing with my little boy but once sam is home, it's all about dad.

i was in the office on tuesday {my office is seen in the photo on the left} & parker hung out at heather & kaylee's.  he got his first taste of cheerios today, & apparently they were a hit.  look how serious he is about his cheerios... that's one determined cheerio eater.  {photo courtesy of heather}

happy fifth anniversary to us!  as per tradition, we ordered pizza & kept it pretty low-key.  we usually reserve the real celebrations for the following weekend.  after some tasty pizza, we headed to the mall for some shopping.  while sam shopped for new sunglasses, i made horrible mirror faces while trying on glasses.  don't be jealous of the awesome mirror face.... it's taken me 28 years to perfect. 

who is this child?  no seriously... where did this behavior come from?  first crawling, now climbing?  and standing up?  make it stop.  or at least slow down.  the standing up incident on the left was followed by a lovely crash landing that ended with a puffy red ear & a few tears.  i'm thinking that was the first of many.  i felt horrible, by the way.

check out parker's latest trick... STANDING!  whaaaaaat?  it's true.  while sam & i sat & watched {yay for us both being there, right?}, p-ray crawled over to his stroller, pulled himself up to his knees, & then got up on his feet to stand!  this is all happening too quick.  tell this kid to slow down, please.

later that night, we hung out at my sister's with family & rang in the new year.  and when i say rang, i'm talking nine cousins under the age of fourteen with noise makers and screams that had to have been heard from miles away once the clock struck twelve.  parker slept through it though, so that's cool.

hope you all had a fun & safe new year's eve & are having a wonderful first day of the new year!  happy 2011 friends!!

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  1. Aw, poor baby. Not looking forward to mobile Brayden. :/

  2. I totally failed at taking photo's this week. I'll be back to join the fun next week.
    Isn't it insane how quickly they're learning right now?!

  3. Crazy that he is standing now! Getting so big!

  4. Yay!!! he's standing! so awesome! I love the cheerios photo. precious.

  5. Great pics! Standing is not so good when its on strollers and swings and other things that move. We've had lots of bumps that way too. Happy New Year!

  6. Congrats on 5 years...that's huge! And the standing...yeah, time flies. both my babies are standing and it's making me nervous cuz i know they'll be walking soon! Yikes. XOXO

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Happy New Year!!

    And yay for standing!! He's getting so big :)

    Also, congrats on the anniversary!

  9. Love the Cheerios picture! Happy 2011!

  10. He has such cute clothes. And is adorable, as always. Happy Anniversary and New Year!

  11. i took a few photos. am i too late to post?

  12. Just started reading your blog a few months back. Your baby there is so cute is growing up fast. And he is so in a hurry to stand up! :)

    I love his serious cheerio photos too! Hope to see more of you and your family pics. Have a blasted and fun filled New Year! :)

  13. Ummm I'm sorry but that pizza just made me drool... yum!!! And go Parker, little climber :)


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