Monday, January 10, 2011

steppin' out saturday {on sunday, posted on monday}

i haven't done a steppin out saturday post in a while, & i've totally missed doing it.  i've dressed up a couple times with the intention to post, but the pictures just weren't up to my liking.  these pictures aren't the best either, but ah well... i'm doing it anyway.

also?  i had parker dressed up super cute today but an emergency nap required being changed into pajamas.  so here he is in his bear suit.

sweater - target
pink shirt - downeast basics
skirt - don't even remember... i've had it forever
boots - macy's

bear suit - baby gap

but i don't want you coming away from this post feeling like you got shafted on some p-ray cuteness, so here's what he wore last week.

his christmas suit, bought from target.  all the ladies love p-ray in his christmas suit.  and if you're thinking it kinda looks like he's up to something in that second picture, it's because he was.  he's totally sneaking some peaks at the football game on the telly.

and since this has turned into somewhat of a photo dump, here's what i'm wearing right now.

yup. i totally watermarked a picture of me in my sweats and flippers {flip flop/slippers} in my messy room {which has since been cleaned up, thankyouverymuch}.  can't be too careful these days.

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  1. LOVE your shirt! LOVE IT! You are so cute!!!

    And... I think I need me a pair of them slippers! YES ma'am I DO!

  2. I love your shirt!!!! AND P-ray's little bear suit! Collin used to hove one, but outgrew it soooooo quickly!

  3. i do love the shirt too, but i must say you look very comfy in your flippers. lookin' good girl!

  4. Almost bought that shirt from downeast. Love your cute!

  5. He is so freakin' cute, I can't get over it! :)

    I LOVE your outfit, especially the top. SO cute!

  6. At first I loved your shirt, but then I scrolled further and I love your outfit, too! I am searching for the perfect denim skirt. I'm hoping to find it by spring or by the time the weather warms up!

  7. You are gorgeous! Great photos. Love your slipper flip flops.

  8. P-Ray is equally cute in his bear suit and his tie!!
    I love the poses you're hitting in your shots. Haha, work it, girl!!

  9. hahaha... I love the title of this post. It got a laugh out of me when I needed it. I'm like that, too, I do Travel Tuesdays on Fridays and Fill in the Blank Fridays on Mondays.. my mind is too busy to organize it all!
    Enjoyed this post - y'all both look groovy.

  10. I love your outfit! You are totally modeling it too. Love!!

    The picture of Parker and the remote cracks me up! Oh my gosh!! haha

    The slippers look super comfy I wouldn't want anyone to claim that picture eitha. ;)

  11. That shirt is super cute!! Love it!! I like the slipper flip flops too!

  12. Parker's outfit is so adorable. He looks like a little groomsman. And I'm totally rockin the tapered sweats, too :)

  13. Newest follower! :)

    CUTE BLOG! I'm a mommy too! :) I think it's super fun & always an adventure!

  14. Was he watching the Hawks in his little suit??? :) He's too cute in that outfit. Your shirt and boots are too cute... I want them. Maybe I should do this steppin' out post on my blog so I'd dress up more. Sweats are just so much easier!

  15. OMG! THose slippers looks so comfy!

  16. Amazing photos. I love your outfit! You are totally modeling. keep posting.
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  17. I hear Sarah and Parker were excited to see each other again yesterday. He is such a cutie! It is no wonder Sarah gets so excited to see him.

  18. Cute as always! :)
    Quick question: I made a page for my blog buttons (added yours) and I noticed that you had one too. How did you make yours so neat and symmetrical?

  19. LOVE LOVE LOVE those boots and that top. P-ray is a little chick magnet too ;)

    Hoppin' over from Steppin' Out...



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