Saturday, January 15, 2011

weekday recap - {in iPhone pics} w.9

are you starting to feel overwhelmed by doing weekly recap posts?  honestly, i'm still loving it since it's become a habit, but it shouldn't be feeling like a chore to anyone.  it's supposed to be fun!

so, i just want to put it out there that you can join the linky even if you just do one or two fun camera phone pictures from your last week & tell us what you were doin in the pic.  that's it!  easy peasy.

now on to our last week...

we did stroller strides three times this week!  go us!  parker is totally getting used to sitting in the stroller for an hour while i work my butt off.  he does so well, as long as he has a couple toys & his blanket close by.  we brought his new little sock puppy from turtle & rye with us this time... we are in love with him!

that night i went out to a super fancy restaurant {read: they don't even have high chairs available} with a couple girlfriends.  the husbands stayed at home with the babies & watched the college football national championship.  everybody wins.

parker is getting so fun & interactive & is just becoming an all around cool little guy.  he does so many funny little things that i could list here all day.  one of sam & parker's favorite things to do is to go on "crawling adventures."  they explore the whole house this way.

tuesday night we got snow.  yay!  but by morning it had already turned to slush.  boo.  we enjoyed it while it lasted... check out a few pics i snapped on my photo blog {click here}

have i mentioned that parker is standing?  yeah, it's totally official.  he is now pulling himself up on evvveerryyything.  where did this come from?  we need to lower his crib.  i'm in denial.

also?  wednesday afternoon i was headed north to meet up with jill & melissa & mandy, but then i had to turn back & didn't make it to our playdate.  seriously bummed about that.  but guess what cheered me up that night?  going tanning.  hawaii in t minus nine days, yo.

thursday afternoon we headed to our local library for story time.  the kids ranged from 0 - 24 months, but most the kids seemed to be on the 18+ months side.  they all congregated in the middle of the room & played with toys while parker just hung out & clung to me most the time.  he was a little intimidated by the big kids.  cute little guy.

after story time we headed to target to do some shopping {for necessities of course... like this super cute swim suit cover up i bought for hawaii.  did i mention we leave in nine days??  huzzah!!}.


so i'm going to bend the rules a bit & post a movie for friday. why is this ok? because it's a camera phone movie.  plus, rules are meant to be broken. and?  this is my favorite moment caught on tape from friday.  parker kept biting & blowing & doing weird things to my face.

crazy kid.

did you take your "week in camera phone" pictures?
there's only one rule to linking up... your pictures have to be taken by your camera phone. that's it! you don't even have to have a picture for every day. got one camera phone pic of something fun from this week? link up!

grab the code below & put it in your post to have the linky with all the thumbnails show up on your blog too. the more kids who come out to play, the more fun it will be, right?

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  1. Love this and LOVE the black and white photos below. I'm going to try to take photos with my phone and link up next week.

  2. i'm going to link up today. sorry i've been sucking. it's mostly because i haven't felt like emailing myself the pictures and i haven't taken THAT many pictures either. i'm sorrrrrrrrrry.

  3. Great pictures! And Hawaii in 9 days! Fun!! Perfect time to go to get away from the winter blah weather!

  4. That video is so cute!! Carsyn was so excited watching that. I will have to video him watching your video.

  5. such a cute idea, i gotta figure out how to send pics from camera to email...hmmmm....smartphone needs a smart operator!
    ps congrats on milestone STANDING!!!!!

  6. Love the crawling adventures bit!

  7. great job amy! I am feeling super overwhelmed with all of the pictures I am trying to take for 365. I'm trying not to be a quitter. haha. I'll be posting my phone pics next week. :)

  8. You kill me Amy. I love that you took a picture in the tanning bed. Hilarious.

  9. I always really like these posts when I see them, but forget to take pictures throughout the week!

  10. I let Hannah watch the video of you and Parker and I think she is in love with him. She had the biggest smile on her face the whole time.

  11. ohmagosh, the pic of parker crawling with daddy? priceless... they are so cute!!! and you did stroller strides three times this week? you go girl!

  12. omg, that video is so sweet. i am in love with parkers face!

  13. I love these posts, it feels like an inside or sneak peek or something. :) Every week I say I'm going to link up and then fail. :(

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