Tuesday, January 25, 2011

maui report #1 & a question answered.

aloha yo.  we made it!!  i'm comin at ya from maui & have time for a quick update.  everyone just went down to the beach when p-ray was in dire need of a nap, so i volunteered to stay back & let him sleep in peace.  don't feel sorry for me, i'm hanging out on the balcony sipping pog with a lap top & sunglasses listening to birds chirp & enjoying a cool breeze.  it's only 10:30 am here & i'll get the afternoon beach shift when it's actually prime laying-out conditions.  so it's all good.

here are a few pictures from our trip thus far.  which, by the way, has been absolutely-beyond-belief-amazing.

parker & sam watching planes taxi around at the airport.

the view up the aisle from our seats.  we had a row of three all to ourselves, which made the six hour flight comfortable & totally bearable.

parker was a champ on the flight.  he slept for two hours, played on our laps for two hours, & played buckled in his car seat for two hours.  no screaming occurred.  prayers answered.

we met up with our friends at the maui airport.  we are vacationing with ryan & christie {in pink}, & ben & kim {on the right}.  christie just found out her 18 week old baby bump is housing a boy!  hooray!! parker is so excited for a new best buddy.

me & p-ray upon arriving at the maui airport.  excited to be on solid, tropical, warm, sunny ground.

christie & ryan, enjoying some maui tacos.  i'm pretty sure i'll be living on their baja fish tacos while we're here.

the view from our balcony.  where i'm typing this up from, right now.  see?  i told you not to feel sorry for me while everyone else is at the beach.  i am juuuuuuuust fine.  {and am hoping parker takes a nice. long. nap.}

and now, a question answered from my "ask me anything" post.  today's question is brought to you by sara.  she asks:

"are you done with Parker or do you want more gorgeous bundles?"

good question.  and it's one that is super easy to answer:  of course we want more!  and if they were all like parker, i'd want at least ten more.  but alas, it was hard for me to get pregnant the first time, so we'll take what we can get.  and honestly at this point i can't think past having just one more.  i'm going to take it one kid at a time.  we know we want at least one more & then we will re-evaluate the situation then.  

so, the short answer is this:  yes.  we want at least one more.  thanks for asking!

i am still in need of more questions to answer while i'm "vacationing" from blogging.  feel free to leave questions in the comments here or email me at agoodlifeblog {at} gmail {dot} com.  if you would like more info, check out the deets here.  mahalo.

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  1. All I have to say is: You brat!!! Ha ha. jk. not really though.

    Oh my gosh! I'm so jealous. That looks like absolute heaven. And only Parker would be THAT good on the plane. Bennett would be a terror. Seriously.

    I can't wait to see more pics! You guys will have such a good time. ah!

    Okay, question. Well, I'll give you 2 so you can choose which one you like better :)

    1. What is the absolute best thing about being a Mom. (okay that's not super original, huh?)

    2. When you're looking at blogs, what catches your eye? What kind of blogs do you follow? And which ones inspire you?
    (okay that was like 3 questions in one. Sorry!)

  2. aaaaaaand... i officially hate you.

  3. Great question, great answer! PS: your hair looks GORGEOUS!

  4. you're new hair color looks amazing! like as pretty as that view of yours! im so glad everything is going perfectly and you guys are having a great time! cant wait for more updates maui style!!!

  5. jealous! I have always wanted to go to Hawaii!

  6. I'm so stinkin jealous of you! Keep posting those pictures, they are gorgeous.

    Mkay, my question:

    If you could go back in time to before Parker was born, what would you say to yourself?

  7. I'm so jealous!!! Have so much fun!!

  8. I am beyond jealous!! I LOVE Maui! Or Hawaii in general. Glad Parker was an angel on the plane, and I agree with Mandy... Logan would have been a terror!

    You make me want to go on my cruise, like now! Alas, I have to wait another 5 months. Boooo.

  9. I am so insanely jealous of you & your family, right now. I love the idea of taking Collin to Hawaii!!

    My question: Will you name your top five favorite blogs? Or the ones you read daily?

  10. It looks beautiful! Have a wonderful vacation! :)

  11. Amazing!! So jealous! ps... love the hair. I noticed it on Mon but forgot to tell you...haha... :) I feel like a guy right now for that one...haha
    pss.... you look super tan already! not fair! :)

  12. *Insert jealousy here* !! Hope you're having a great time!!

  13. Yeah, me too, super jealous! Promise to sleep in at least once and come back with a tan that tells everyone you were just in the most beautiful place...youre sooooo lucky!

    Question: what has been your most embarrassing "mom"ment to date?

  14. That view is amazing, glad to see your having a great time!
    Can't wait to hear more about maui, ahh:)

  15. I'm beyond jealous of you right now! I think Hawaii is out of the question for us because it's a total of 3 flights and 12 or so hours. Boo! I have a question for you- What do you do to overcome bloggers' block (assuming you get it)... how do you get the juices flowing again?

  16. Just wanted to say that I LOVE how dark your hair is!!! It looks great and makes you look a lot like Gina!!! Hope you guys have a fun vacay...we so wish we were with you!

  17. These are great. I wish I was there. Can't wait to see more photos. Glad your plane ride went well.

  18. SO jealous! We're counting down the days to Kauai (May) and oh so excited. Have a great time.

  19. My question would be:

    What camera do you use to take these AMAZING pictures!

    I am a new follower and love your blog and your pictures! Your baby is beautiful and so are your posts. Thank you for sharing!

  20. Jealous!!! I miss you already oh so much!! You better write Parkers name in the sand and take a picture.

    Hmm I'll have to think of a question....

  21. Hope you are having a good time! I love your hair too! It looks great. Can't wait for more pictures!

  22. Yea that the trip sounds incredible so far, and yea for more Parkers!! I'm so wanting to be on the beach right now instead of her where it's cold and raining. Enjoy it for all of us!

    And another question if you need it...how did you come up with/decide on Parker's name?

  23. I can't wait to see all of your pictures from your trip. I hope you're having a blast. I forgot to link-up for the camera phone weeday recap last week. I did it, but forgot to add the code to my blog. I hope you're doing it this week, too, even though you're out of town.

    I know you participate in blog link-ups on Fridays, but I'm starting to do a few of my favorite things on Fridays and would love for you to link-up, too.

    Have a great week!


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