Monday, January 17, 2011

steppin' out saturday {on sunday, posted on monday}

another weekend has come & gone.  they go way too fast i tell ya.  we helped sam's sister move on saturday {by "helped", i mean i unpacked one box of books & put them on the shelf.  then i took a nap while she played with my kid & made us dinner.  you're welcome jodi}, & we went to church on sunday.

here's what i wore:

{and yes, we still have a little christmas-ish tree up in our front window.  only, i call it a "winter festivus tree" & argue it can stay up through february. sam hates it.}

sweater - target
shirt - thrifted
skirt - old navy {from forever ago}
necklace - target

also?  i just realized there was a lot of "hands on the hips" action going on in these pictures.  i'm probably gonna check out all the other steppin' out posts & study your poses.  turns out i don't know what to do with my hands in front of the camera. 

once again, parker was put down for his nap before i could get pictures of the cute outfit he wore today {it involved cords & a quicksilver shirt from nordstrom.  yeah, cuteness overload}.  but what would a steppin' out post without some p-ray be?  lame.  so i scooped him up before he went to bed & snapped a couple shots.

it didn't go so well.

the kid likes to eat my hair.  no, like all. the. time.  is that normal?  judging by the look in that bottom left shot, i'd say probably not.

to see what other mamas wore {and sometimes dads play too} check out the steppin' out linky at harper's happenings.  it's fun.

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  1. i never know where to put my hands either! or my legs or face! i just look at carter and hope the pic turns out cute haha
    super cute outfit!! i love the shirt, i want to thrift!
    i can't get any good baby pics these days, carter does the search & destroy camera thing

  2. Your shirt is ADORABLE! I'm sure eating hair won't hurt p-ray, he might just get a hairball.Ba-dum-cha!

    P.S. i like your festivus tree =)

  3. things i love about this post: a) your shirt. so cute. b) parker's face in that bottom left picture. bhahaha.

    i've been noticing the amount of hands-on-hips poses i've had in pictures lately, too. it's just a knee-jerk reaction when a camera comes into view as a means of creating "skinny arm." maybe instead i should finally commit to P90X so i don't have to fake it.

  4. Cute photos. You look great as always.

  5. Haha. Maybe your hair has some sort of special effect on him. The left bottom picture made me giggle...he's cute as ever!

  6. You always look so cute!! Can you move in next door so we can share clothes???

  7. I never know what to do with my hands/arms in photos either. You pull off the 'hands on hips' pose very well!! :)
    Oh and how do you gals always find such cute things while thrifting? I've only ever been a few times and I always strike out!

  8. I love that outfit!! I feel like I'm never that put together?!

  9. You look so cute!! I'm really awkward when I'm in pictures by myself, so I try not to be in them alone. But hands on the hips is always good. You should do one hand on the hip and turn a little- you know, like the stars on the red carpet!

  10. Pie LOVES eating my hair. It's one of her favorite activities. Drives me crazy. And has resulted in a number of 'like a cat eating tinsle' diaper changes. Yeah...that was maybe TMI.

    And you two look adorable as always!

  11. Your son is just too cute! and I loved the outfit your wore btw. I noticed you use a canon, what model? if you don't mind me asking :) I bought my canon a few months back and I love it, but I feel there is so much I still need to learn to get better shots especially in low lighting and action shots.

  12. You're not alone - Kale is totally into eating my hair these days.

  13. you're supposed to put your hands on your hips silly. i like the dots dude.

  14. Thanks for the lens tip - I have the model under that the t1i - beware, I might ask you for photo tips in the future, lol. You've been warned.

  15. Cute outfit...and I love the festivus tree. We still have our xmas lights up outside...and they will probably be there for awhile. :)

  16. Love your outfit. And I'm sure p-Ray can make anything look cute even eating hair!

  17. That bottom left picture cracks me up!


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