Friday, February 25, 2011

weekday recap - {in iPhone pics} w.15

i started monday by saying, "freak.  i need a weekend to catch up from this weekend."  you ever feel like that?  i cleaned the house top to bottom.  only thing is, everything i did?  parker undid.  i picked up his room & within five minutes he had all his blankets pulled out of his closet, his toy box spilled, & had knocked over his humidifier sending water everywhere.  he's really lucky he's cute.

we headed out for a trip to target {what would my week be like without one} where i gave parker a bottle as we shopped.  is that weird?  i felt like i was getting weird looks.

bad news: i had an eye exam & my contacts prescription had to be increased even more. i'm so blind.
good news: that night parker wrapped himself up in a fuzzy blanket & giggled.

all & all, an awesome day.

since i had spent monday catching up on things at the house, we had to get out on tuesday.  freezing temps meant staying indoors & a trip to the mall for us.  darn.  i went on a little bit of a {much needed} shopping spree & parker happily obliged in his stroller the whole time. it felt too good to be true.

i went into work on wednesday for a meeting, but was delayed by "snow-mageddon 2011."  yeah, when it snows in the pnw people freak out.  sam's sister, jodi, had come up from portland to watch parker for the day & decided to stay over rather than brave the storm.  parker was pretty happy about it... he loves his auntie.

snow-mageddon kept us snowed in all day so we made the best of it.  i bundled p-ray up to venture out side for a walk but after two minutes of wet falling snow to the face, he decided it wasn't his thing.  we went back in the house & parker went on a bit of a rampage.  he unraveled a whole roll of toilet paper & emptied out the kitchen cupboards while i made baby food.  i'm not sure where this destructive baby came from.

we were snowed in again on friday.  not because the roads were snowy & impossible to drive on, but because sam took my car to work & i hate driving his car.  and i blame this on the snow.  so parker & i stayed in our pj's all day & got the house ready for company.  it was pretty spotless.  until of course, parker decided to pull all his blankets out of the closet & lay in them {middle picture}.  who am i to say no?

friday night ryan & chausty got here & are staying for the weekend.  pretty sure there will be more updates on this later.  happy weekend everyone!

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  1. I am so glad I think we're done with snow. The next 10 days will be in the 60s and 70s. My toes are so happy to be in flip flops. Not to rub it in or anything...:)

  2. Just curious--what kind of baby food do you make?

  3. Looks like a great week! Sometimes the snow is welcomed around here because it's a great excuse to stay in your pj's all day (like I need an excuse!). I'm looking forward to catching up with you and P-Ray next weekend!

  4. I love the little troublemaker pics. He is just too cute! I plan to hit up the mall this week, and I hope my boys sit as well in the stroller as P-Ray!

  5. p-ray in his blankets...oh so cute!

  6. It's pretty much a normal thing for me to feed Ellie while walking through target :) so I wouldn't look at you weird!
    And I soooo need to go get my eyes checked again. I don't even want to know how blind I am!

    Parker sounds like such a least his cuteness makes up for it, right?!

  7. Oh man, if that's the kind of messes he makes now just wait until he's a toddler. EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE.

    I love his stripey outfits. Bebehs in striped kill me.

  8. we totally have the same taste in baby clothes... every time you post, I'm like... g has that onesie/romper/shirt! I totally hear you on the snow thing... we get snow all the time... one flake coming down? total standstill on the parkway!

  9. What an adorable baby you have and what darling photos. Have you entered any of your photos in the exciting contest for cute or funny photos on


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