Saturday, September 10, 2011

our week by iPhone - week 43

this week started in utah & ended back home in seattle.  and it flew by... literally.  now that we've been back home a few days & lived our normal routine a while, i guess it kinda does feel good to be home.  and by that, i mean parker's sleeping in past five am again.  whew!  that was a rough few days.

here's our week:

monday.  parker & sam lazed around a while monday morning & watched videos on the iPhone.  best way we've started our monday in a long time.  i got out & ran five miles & parker composed a piano masterpiece.  he always has to one up me.

that afternoon we went to rodizio & loaded up on all-you-can-eat brazilian grill food {please notice what a little man parker looks like in this picture... click to enlarge if you have to.  it cracks me up!} & then walked around the mall.  we had to take a couple breaks for parker to stop & hydrate.

then before bed, parker sat in a 60-year old his-size chair & didn't want to move.  he's easily pleased.

tuesday.  it was our last day of vacation so i said to heck with clean eating & threw down a few halloween oreos.  totally worth it.  then we said goodbye to the fam & drove to the airport... which parker was apparently pretty happy about.  {i wasn't!}

we got all boarded up on our plane & headed home.  parker didn't sleep at all on the plane, but passed out within two minutes once we were in the car at about 10 pm.  champion traveler.

wednesday.  despite parker waking up at 5 am wednesday morning, we still got our workout on.  he may or may not have a few bags under his eyes in this pic.  then we did our grocery shopping to restock our empty fridge & parker ate strawberries.  he ate like five of them & made a sour face with every single bite.  goofball.

after naptime, an extremely bad diaper called for an early bath which parker was pretty happy about.  he was also happy to lay my bed wearing nothing but his birthday suit.  the evening ended with fresh strawberry salad on the back deck & sam & parker story time.

thursday.  parker woke up coughing & snotty-nosed so i figured he could use another normal day with a normal nap in his own bed at home & called in sick from work.  you'd never know he was a tad under the weather judging by his lunch-time peak-a-boo antics though.

that afternoon we braved the heat {yes, summer has FINALLY arrived in the pnw!} and did some shopping.  and can you think of a better meal to make on a 90 degree day than a lasagna that requires your hot oven to be on for over an hour?  i can't.  so i made lasagna.

friday.  not-mom-of-the-year-confession:  my kid is a professional self-entertainer.  friday morning he was entertained by kicking the door & wrestling with his blanket while i curled my hair.  and then again at my doctor appointment he explored cabinets with biohazard stickers on them while we waited to be seen.  seems safe.

friday night sam met up with a friend for a mariner's game & since parker was still not feeling great, we opted to stay home.  and by staying home, i mean we went to the mall to shop & eat soft pretzels.  an extended bath & lots of mommy-baby cuddles closed out our week pretty much perfectly.

and for the record, tomorrow's my birthday.  i just wanted to let you know so you'd go ahead & be sure to choose "next day delivery" on all those gifts you're probably sending me.  i'm courteous like that!

that was our week!  how was yours?  i wanna see, so link up!

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  1. Nothing better than a baby who travels well, seriously a blessing! Glad yall made it home safe and sound!!

  2. Looks like a wonderful week. That lasagna looks yummy!

  3. Oh man, baby in striped pajamas equals automatic adorable. :)

  4. That lasagna looks amazing!! :) Looks like ya'll had a GREAT week! :) Happy early birthday!

  5. now that's my kinda week :) happy early birthday!!!

  6. Fun week!!!
    D travels well, too, and I count my blessings there for sure!
    Happy early birthday, mama!

  7. Sounds like fun. Happy birthday! =)

  8. hey, anytime's a good time for lasagna!

    "happy birthday!" my b-day's wednesday (the big 3-0)

  9. You're reminding me that my fridge is pretty empty. I guess I'll be shopping today.
    I hope you're enjoying your birthday!!!

  10. Looks like you had a great week!!

    Love the new blog header :)

  11. sounds like a great week!! that lasagna looks sooo yummy!!! love the new blog look!! :)

  12. The new blog design looks great! And check out Parker's hair! Cuteness overload.

  13. He is just so photogenic, love every pic of him. And the sour strawberry face, ha, too cute!

  14. I can't even fathom what it would fee like to walk five miles, let alone RUN five miles. All the more power to ya! I'll be the one walking on the treadmill with the incline set to 8 for 45 minutes.

  15. Traveling with a baby has got to top the list of hardest mommy moments. Good for you for powering through and getting your exercise.

  16. Welcome back! Enjoyed the summary and creative photography. Happy, happy birthday!

  17. simply beautifully captured shots...lovely!

  18. It was a great week! Glad we were a part of it! & a BIG Happy Birthday to you! Love you! oxox

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. I accidently forgot to publish the post. Ha ha, still getting used to this whole blogging thing! Thanks for checking. Your little man makes the cutest little faces!

  21. Ok, so I did it totally WRONG! I linked it to my blog, but not that specific post. Now I know for next week! But the post is there if you want to see. I tried to fix it, but I couldn't delete the first link.I guess you can tell I'm still new at this. Better luck next week, right? Thanks, again.

  22. What a fun week, and happy birthday!!

  23. I love your blog. I love your link up! It's the highlight of my blog life :) I'm already ready for today's link up ;)


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