Wednesday, September 14, 2011

stickin' it to pinterest - vol. 2

remember back in this post how i said pinterest gave me anxiety?  how i worried about after all the time i spent pinning, i would never actually put all the carefully placed & picked pins to perfect pin-ity use?  well here i am.   continuing in my endeavors to make use of my well curated pinterest boards & stickin' it to the pinterest man.

go me!

this was one of the first pins i pinned to my "i'm crafty" board.  i love how simple it is & yet it's so freaking creative.  who thinks of this stuff?  i'll tell you who.  martha stewart.  well, the people who write for her website, anyway.  the original tutorial can be found here.

and here is my version:

nothing crazy here in our ingredients list.  probably all stuff you already have sitting around your house right?  so you should probably make this.

funny story.

i went to the craft store for a balloon paper punch & got real mad when i couldn't find one after looking for over half an hour.  all the balloons in the original tutorial are perfectly uniform & i knew they HAD to be punched.  so i went home angrily cursing all things jo ann's.  i decided to look over the tutorial again & realized the balloons are just circles with little triangles attached.  duh!

so moral of the story is unless your craft store is awesome & has balloon punches?  you just use a hole punch, cut out triangles & tape them on.  lesson learned.

there's probably a few ways you could do this.  i made my triangles in photoshop with the letters already on them, printed them out in the color i wanted & cut them out.  that's one way.  i then folded them over the thread & glued the halves together to make cute little banners.

this was the fun part.

i followed the tutorial & put the banner up before the balloons.  this makes no sense & if i ever make a card like this again i'll do the balloons first.  duh!  it'd be a lot easier then reaching behind & around the banners.

anywho, to attach the banner i made small holes in the card, threaded the string through & tied knots on the other side of the hole.  it makes your string come out of the front of the card, but i didn't care.  i wanted it to be sturdy.  i attached the first layer of balloons using a glue stick & then the top ones with 3d foam squares to make them pop out.

you're pretty much done & at this point it's looking pretty cool.  i fussed around with where i put my balloons & moved things around until i liked the overall look.  yes, it did make a difference to have a yellow balloon here instead of a red one.  and a green one there instead of a blue.  obviously.

after all that fuss for the inside of the card, i bet you totally forgot about making something for the front, right?  silly you.  we can't have a card with nothing on the front can we?  nope.

i just went along with what the original tutorial did & made a single large balloon.  seemed easy & it was.

so now your card is done & you want to take pictures with it for your blog right?  you set up your camera with the self-timer, hit the shutter button & it starts to beep loudly to count down.  your 16 month old hears the loud beeping & comes running in from where he was playing to see what the noise is & an impromptu photoshoot takes place.

this step is mandatory.

and now you're done!  all you have to do is find someone who is having a birthday & give it away.  sam was the recipient of mine which works out because now i get to keep looking at it another week or so.  yes, i'm that proud & you will be too.

what things from pinterest have you made?  i'd love to see!

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  1. very cute card. really i think the only stuff from pinterest i've made so far is recipes! i need to change that.

  2. This is awesome! I haven't even seen this on pinterest and I practically live there. I'm going to have to repin it and make it ASAP. It looks amazing!

  3. awesome card!!! this gave me ideas for my hubby's bday coming next month! :)

  4. This is so cute! I JUST found pinterest (I know, right?!) and I certainly plan on re-creating some of my pins very soon! I'm so excited :)

  5. wow! looks so awesome and I just love this post!! you are one crafty mama and I give your major props for actually creating the stuff you pinned. I have all these pins and nothing to show for it!! ;)

  6. Oh super cute!! I wish I had the time (and the patience) to make something like that!! Hopefully when we move into the new house I will get something cute made for Bennett's room!

  7. Wow. Count me as someone who's super impressed. The card looks great!

  8. You're so crafty! I'm sure he loved it. I do :)

  9. just came across your blog and i absolutely love it! and thanks for sharing this amazing card. it seems simple enough to make and even more creative! can't wait to see more from your pinterest love!

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  11. I love pinterest, gotten so many ideas lately and adding this to them!. This is too cute, i tweeted about your post too. You did great :)

  12. wow! Very cute! Love it! Super creative! And go you for actually doing a craft that you pinned... I have done 0!

  13. This is so cute! I've been doing a pinterest challange too! I need to start posting mine to my blog too.

  14. cool! just started following you on pinterest. it's so great! you're inspiring me to get my booty moving on some projects, too! i particularly am interested in some of the "make your own cleaning products". :)

  15. That is so cute! I would definitely keep it up for way longer than a week!

  16. You did an awesome job! Loved step 6 the best. I haven't jumped on the pinterest bandwagon, yet.

  17. Love this cute! new follower ! @

  18. I LOVE THAT!!1 I am going to do that for my sisters birthday!!!

    Please visit my blog and answer my poll (at the bottom of my home page) I am trying to get some votes/followers!!

  19. That is so pretty. Great job.

  20. This is amazing! I may steal the idea and use it for invitations to my daughter's 1st birthday, instead if as a card. Love


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