Saturday, September 24, 2011

our week by iPhone - week 45

holy crap we had a crazy week.  it may not appear that way through the photos but let me tell you guys it was kinda nuts.  it's time to replace sam's car, so we spent a lot of the week deliberating whether or not to buy this new car that would cut our monthly savings by a lot.  we flip flopped back & forth forever on the decision {emotional rollercoaster!} & have finally decided to pass.  i think.  ha!  who knows.

anywho, here's our week:

monday.  remember before you had kids & you thought pictures of other people's babies with food all over their faces were gross?  ha!  parker with oatmeal all over his will teach them a lesson in what's cute.

we stuck around home monday morning & after a lazy morning of sesame street & oatmeal, we headed outside to enjoy the gorgeous day & go for a four mile run... which parker always loves.

that evening i got to get back outside to shoot this girl's senior pictures & discovered this awesome graffiti wall.  unfortunately the light wasn't working with me when we were there & there were all kinds of riff raff watching us so i didn't wanna make her uncomfortable & we moved to a different spot without any graffiti-wall shots i liked.  maybe next time.

and then parker went to sleep & looked cute... per the uge.

tuesday.  my favorite shopping-assistant went to the craft store with me & studied my inspiration quilt to help me find pieces that i like.  he has a good eye for quilting fabric.  who knew?  then we drove home & while parker napped i experimented with re-arranging my office workspace & ordered a ton of prints to hang up.  more on that come friday.

then we went & test drove & fell in love with a car that we'd been looking for the last few months but realized we probably shouldn't spend that much money on a car.  then we flip-flopped.  a few more hundred times.

burrito bus burritos on the way home made us forget about big kid decisions... for a while.

wednesday.  lunch with friends & mexican in our bellies makes for goofy flirtatious little boys & cute pictures with mom.  then when sam came home him & parker wrestled & we deliberated over the car buying situation.  more flip-flopping ensued.

thursday.  i went into work for the day & parker hung out with his sitter reading books & playing drums.  he takes both things very seriously.

friday.  after parker hung out with his homies on the playground at stroller strides, we did some shopping at costco where his little face convinced me we needed that sheep-blanket-pillow-thing.  because obviously.  although after we came home he showed far more interest in the package of paper towels... ah well.

then just after i put parker down for his nap, the delivery man brought all the prints i had ordered on tuesday!  i hung them up clothesline-style above my computer & am wishing i'd thought of this years ago.  it makes me stupid happy.

friday night ended with thai food from our favorite place {where parker put away a crazy amount of rice} & test driving some other car-options.  after everyone else went to bed i got my craft on for some decorations for a shower i'm co-hosting this morning.  good times y'all.

that was our week!  how was yours?  i wanna see, so link up!

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  1. awww i love your iphone photos and the photos of you shopping and you little man helping are so sweet xx

  2. You're always so good about documenting all of your days! I need you to follow me around with your iphone and take pictures. I always forget. Ha ha.

  3. So looking at the pictures before I read the text I totally thought you were making an announcement on Friday! I got kind of excited then realized it was for a shower. :)

  4. Adult decisions suck sometimes! The prints idea is very cute!! Parker is a cutie as always!!

  5. ugh, i hate adult decisions! love the shopping pictures!

  6. I really love your work space and you seriously have the cutest little boy ever!

  7. Looks like a busy week.

  8. Those pictures hung over your computer are crazy cute. I love that idea.

  9. DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH YOU JUST FREAKED ME OUT!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?LAWKDFKADSFSDFJADSK;LFJLADSKFJSKLFJ!!i saw the "its a boy" thing and frantically raced around trying to read what it was for! haha

  10. Loving the clothesline picture thing!

  11. I love your iphone photos too :)

    He looks like the best shopping assistant ever :)

  12. I was confused and thought you were pregnant. I'm like how did I miss that...

  13. Parker and the sheep are so cute together! I ALMOST buy Evan a pillow pet every time we go to the mall - he looks so cute hugging them.

  14. Argh, that graffiti wall would have made for a super cool shot!

  15. Looks like a great week with a very happy little boy!!

  16. I LOVE the prints on a clothesline idea! So fun!

  17. His chubby little cheeks are so cute. I love putting caps on my little man too.

  18. I totally saw it's a boy before I finished reading and had a split second of so excited...another p-ray...are you trying to kill me with cuteness!?

  19. Always love your photos! Someday I will get it together and post some! I take them but never find the time to post them. Seems like so much work! I must be going at all wrong!
    And I skimmed the pics real quick before I read the captions and thought ZOMG!! She's having a baby!
    I was stoked for you for a second! Sneaky!


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