Saturday, September 17, 2011

our week by iPhone - week 44

umm, wanna know something funny?  

after uploading & editing all these iPhone pics, i realized that i took pictures of absolutely nothing else besides parker, sam & me... every single picture contains a face.  it's my family's face overload this week guys.  hope you didn't come here to get your fill of inanimate objects.  

here we go:

monday.  parker has learned how to blow on his food when it's hot.  only he hardly parts his lips & has to think about it very hard.  kills me.  after breakfast we played a thirty minute round of open-and-close-the-door peek-a-boo.  and i wonder where my day goes?

after sam got home, we headed downtown to walk around one of the new state buildings that he designed.  we walked around the grounds & he pointed out all the details that he put into the plans.  it was a big shiny moment for him.

tuesday.  parker did me a solid & slept in until 8:30.  we celebrated by going for a 5.25 mile run... don't we look happy?

oh yeah, & tuesday was sam's birthday.  oooops, no picture of sam on his big day.  but really?  that's probably exactly how he wants it.  so instead here's me, looking ready to go get some dinner out.  but then we realized we weren't that hungry & went to target instead.  happy birthday to you sam!  here's a new swifter mop.

wednesday afternoon p-ray & i got all ready & headed out to lunch with our friends jessica & ava.  {you might remember ava from here}.  then our friend jamie joined us with her boys mason & avery & gave us the coolest gift EVER.  helllllooooo new teepee!!

be jealous.  ok, don't be too jealous... i'll be giving one away on the blog soon.  jamie is offering one from her shop, lilybaby, to one of my readers very soon.  stay posted!

thursday.  while i fought to stay awake at work {maybe because i was up til 2:30 wednesday night?} parker ran errands with his sitter.  the pictures she sends help me so much to get through the day.  being away from my little man is hard!

friday.  i was back in my room getting ready for stroller strides & came out to the front of the house to check on parker.  i couldn't find him anywhere & then realized he was sitting quietly in his teepee reading a book.  commence heart melting.

after stroller strides {where we busted out like 1,001 squats}, parker very carefully organized the playground's sawdust collection.  someone's gotta do it.

and hellllooo cute new iPhone case!  i wasn't expecting it to come from rachel shingleton's etsy shop until late next week & was sooo happily surprised that it showed up early.  i've been staring at it all night.  after i stopped doing cartwheels & flips over my new iPhone case, we went out to dinner as a little family where parker ate a nutritious dinner of ketchup, bread, & crayons.  yum.

that was our week!  how was yours?  i wanna see, so link up!

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  1. LOVE that teepee! So cute that he was in there reading! :)

  2. Looks like a great week. Love that teepee. too cute! I love seeing your faces. :)

  3. Such a cute teepee - love that Parker found his way into it for some story time! Very cool that Sam was able to show you some of his work! I have been busy recently, but wanted to say happy belated birthday to both you and Sam, and I love the new blog design!!

  4. absloutely love the teepee!! and love the picture of parker seperating his lips to blow on his food!!

  5. Loved the teepee and your new iPhone case! I'm definitely jealous. I think it's great that your sitter sends you pics of Parker while you're at work.

  6. That teepee is so cute! Looks like he loves it, love the one of him reading in it :)

  7. It looks like a fun week. I love the new phone case.

  8. Our sitter sent me pics too...seriously made my day. Now that my mom is watching him (she doesn't have a camera phone), I'm like lost every day.

    And that teepee is seriously awesome...

  9. Open-and-close-the-door peek-a-boo is a huge hit around here too! And the teepee reading is TOO CUTE :)

  10. I love that iphone cover.

    Great teepee!

    Lovely pictures :)

  11. LOVELY! I am loving your iPhone COVER!! So cute!!

  12. okay. first of all, i love this post. just seems like a simple, fun, perfect week.

    second. pretty much felt like a celebrity that you commented on my blog. ha. am i ridiculous? i was telling my sisters and feeling very cool.

    third. whenever i read about your workouts it makes me want to go work out. i've been lazy lately, and hearing you went on a 5+ mile run made me want to get. freaking. with it!

    fourth. did i miss the memo about where you work? i hear ya on being away. i'm a teacher, and it's so hard not being home. i feel ya.

    fifth. i should probably try not to leave year-long comments. the end.


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