Friday, March 11, 2011

flashback friday - {when i was a kid.}

i remember a few things about being a kid...

  • picking up snails & snakes but being terrified of slugs.
  • crouching down on the bathroom floor wrapped up in a towel after my bath because i didn't want to leave the warm bathroom & get cold.
  • sitting in the back of our old station wagon facing backwards looking at cars behind us.
  • making up plays & performing them for my stuffed animals.
  • freaking out about a new cabbage patch kid.
  • wearing stirrup leggings.
  • drinking grape juice out of teeny old olive jars & pretending it was fancy like on movies {obviously now i realize those were shots}.
  • riding my scooter that was basically a skateboard with handle bars & flipping over frontwards, scratching up my forehead & nose.
  • our old miniature poodle "chewie," who growled & snarled at me when i tried to pick him up.
  • wearing one pink & one purple converse high top like punky brewster.
  • pressing a washcloth up against my eyes in the bath so soap wouldn't get in them when my mom rinsed the shampoo out of my hair.
  • "my little pony" was the coolest thing ever.  ever.  ever.
  • eating white bread by rolling it into a smooshed up ball.
  • calling bread crusts "bones."
  • getting sugar cereal on christmas morning from santa.
  • cutting my bangs before picture day so they would "look good."
  • tucking my sweatshirts into my jeans.  yeah... i dunno.
  • thinking spotlights in the sky were ghosts.
  • wanting to eat steak every day of the week.
  • being terrified of aliens.

ok, i'm still terrified of aliens & i still want to eat steak every day of the week.  and i still look forward to sugar cereal on christmas morning.  but at least i don't tuck my sweatshirts into my jeans anymore, right?

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  1. ...right!
    ( every little victory counts:)

  2. totally used to eat white bread squished into a ball too. all the time. sounds like you were a pretty cool kid... :)

  3. you sound like you were pretty cool glad to see the randomness hasn't changed lol

  4. Haha, I love this list. I totally cut my bangs into a giant "v" and ruined my class picture. My mom was so mad. And when my mom forced me out of bed to go take a shower for school, I would shut the bathroom door and go back to sleep on the bath mat while the water was running. Sneaky ;)

  5. Could you be any cuter? That first picture is just amazing.

    And {hangs head in shame} I may or may not have worn stirrup pants too. Seriously...who thought those looked good?!

  6. i can see parker in these pictures!

  7. this is great. i may have to do a post like this too. i see parker in you!

  8. wow - Brings back memories! You were a cutie-patutie! But I don't remember the tucking in sweatshirts part... Great for some laughs down here! oxoxo

  9. This is such a fun and cute post! Totally brought back memories! :) Thanks so much for sharing!!

  10. Cabbage Patch and My Little Pony - yes!!!

  11. Cool blog and wonderful pics!:)
    Follow me? I'd be very happy if you do it! Thank you so much!

  12. my little ponies were awesome! i did the same thing with my shoes, and took it even further and wore mis-matched socks, too! love it!

  13. Oh man I loved My Little Ponys! This was a great read, made me flash back too!!

    P.S. We're actually mutual fans of Huskies and Cougs. We went to Central, so we like to consider ourselves nuetral. Half our fam is Cougs and the other is Huskies. It's kind of funny because they all buy my daughter clothes for each team on the rivals birthday. So don't worry, she'll get her Coug on soon enough. Do you forgive me now??? ;)

  14. I love this list! I remember the stir-up leggings...I hated the feeling in my shoes. And sugar cereal is still awesome. :)
    Happy weekend!

  15. I remember the stirrup leggings for sure...and rolling the bread into a ball. My 19 year old sister still does that. :)

  16. btw- Love the pic of you and your mother!!!!

  17. I love that your mom is wearing you in that picture! Very cool. She was obviously ahead of her times and as a result, raised a very cool kid (seriously - tucking sweatshirts into jeans WAS cool).

  18. What a fun idea for a post!!! I totally remember rocking the stirrup leggings!

  19. Cabbage Patch kids and My Little Ponies - they were the essentials!

  20. very cute idea for a blog post amy!! i would totally have wanted to be your friend


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