Saturday, March 5, 2011

weekday recap - {in iPhone pics} w.16

we woke up to snow monday morning & had to say goodbye to our friends who headed back to the eastside.  p-ray & i hung out around the house without makeup on & watched the snow fall in our pj's.  i did another home-dye hair job monday night... the dark hair is becoming my new norm.  for now.

tuesday night we hit up costco, which i enjoy almost as much as target.  actually, costco may be better depending on the samples being served.  tuesday night sam ran parker through a few basketball drills... he's getting pretty good with his ball handling skills.  no, seriously... the kid's got skills.

we took a spur of the moment road trip down to portland wednesday night.  parker slept during the drive & i had to take pictures.  why?  because i never, ever, get sick of watching parker sleep.  ever.  portland's always a good time.  especially when it involves vintage hats at nordstrom, dinner with auntie jodi, & pushing p-ray around in a cart at costco.  yes, costco... again.

so thursday night, sam was letting parker have some nakey time back in the nursery after his bath.  after going to the kitchen to throw something away, sam found parker like this.  back in the bathroom, naked & longing to get back in the bath.  have you ever seen a cuter dimply butt?  i doubt it.

p-ray & i slept in til 9:45 on friday morning... don't hate us cause we're awesome.  we managed to get ourselves ready for the day & headed out for a playdate.  parker insisted on bringing his new favorite toy... a flexible gummy-doll with a picture of sam as its face.  it makes me laugh.

our friday night consisted of a family wrestling match, a movie & some air-pop popcorn.  we chose air-pop once we realized our microwave popcorn had 15 grams of trans-fat per bag.  i can't believe that's even legal!

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  1. Absolutely cutest butt ever! Why are wrinkles and dimples so cute on babies and no one else?

  2. sounds like a fun week! nakey bath longing = hilarious!!

  3. That butt picture is the cutest thing ever! Perfect blackmail for when he's a teenager.

    And costco and all their samples are amazing. Totally worth the membership fee.

  4. i love this week. my fave is also the nakie butt chub! and thats the cutest thing ever that sam "plays" basketball with him!

  5. Oh my goodness gorgeous sleeping baby! And seriously 15 grams of trans fat?! I'm going to check mine now!

  6. Parker has the cutest smile EVER!!! This is a great weekday recap. Made me smile too :)

  7. Your baby is seriously adorable.

  8. I LOVE the nakey picture! too friggin cute...

    the one where sam has him draped over the back of his shoulders is pretty cute, too... always love your weekday recaps.

  9. coolest blog ever. no, seriously.
    -your biggest fan.

  10. Love these pics, especially the naked baby ones...very cute!

  11. nakey p-ray is the single greatest thing I have ever seen. ever.

  12. Collin usually sleeps until 9. I ain't sending any hateration your way. LOL!!!

  13. I love your hair dark, it always looks so shiny and healthy.

    And air popped popcorn kick's microwave popcorn's butt. I brought my air-popper to college and survived on that stuff for four years. Plus then you get to melt your own real butter to drizzle. Mmmmm...butter.

  14. I absolutely love the bare butt pic :)
    And Costco twice in one week sounds like a good week to me!


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