Saturday, March 26, 2011

weekday recap - {in iPhone pics} w.19

i may as well just caption this week in one line and say, "this week amy was sick & parker crawled around entertaining himself."  but alas, i don't caption in the third person, that'd be silly.  and even though my pictures are 99% parker shots this week, i still feel like his antics need explanation.

so let's do this.

this is utter shock in p-ray's face.  because i hardly ever have the tv on during the day & this morning we watched TWO movies.  i know, go crazy.  he watched bolt & finding nemo while i drank orange juice like it was my job.

i hit the hay come nine o'clock & it was dreamy.

this is me hiding from the camera.  trust me, it wasn't pretty... just ask parker.  he's laughing at just how awful his mom can look on day three of the sickness-no-shower-no-makeup-routine.

sam was able to get home a bit early to take me to the doctor.  and this is where the week gets a bit better.  antibiotics are miracle workers my friends.

and also?  a shout out to sam, for stepping it up this week & waiting on me hand & foot while i was sick.  at one point he even piled the blankets on me, poured me juice, made me toast, & said "why don't we eat snacks & watch movies?"  win.

day three of parker being shut in the house with his sick mom & he started getting creative with his activities. for example, he really enjoyed make-out sessions with his reflection in the oven & pushing the dining-room chair cushion around the house.  i took pity on the kid & decided to brave a walk outside to get some fresh air.  it was enjoyable... until we got rained on.

also on parker's list of fun activities?  watching basketball from dad's lap, looking cute & squishy in the bathtub, & glaring at mom when he gets taken out of said bathtub.

oh thursday.  day four of being sick at home.  parker is now resorting to hiding his toys under the couch & then giggling to himself when he finds them hours later.  gotta give him some points for creativity, right?

and we all love story time almost as much as parker loves his blanket {middle pic}.  seriously, he now drags that blanket with him everywhere & 75% of the time it's in his mouth.  that's an actual statistic, i did research.

on friday morning parker woke up with some sniffles & coughs.  and when i say morning, i mean 5:30 am friday morning.  and although those aren't the same symptoms i had, i decided to play it safe & spend the day at home & let p-ray take it easy.  and this is when he got a bit delirious, as evidenced by that middle pic.  what a weirdo.  a cute, silly, little, weirdo.

and friday night, we left the house.  YES.  for the second time this week {first time was doctor's appointment}, i left the house to get some food.  and for the record, it was delicious.  and also for the record?  i'm feeling much, much better.  back to normal. here's to next week being much more exciting!

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  1. you not take pictures on weekends? Sheesh. Nosy people need to know. LOL!

    I am going to steal P from you. Keep a close eye on him.

  2. Haha, I loved the pictures of him entertaining himself.

    I think something is going around, like worldwide, lol. Pretty much everyone I know has been sick in the last two weeks.

    Glad you are feeling better. Hopefully Parker is too. =D

  3. Hope next week you guys are better!! Great pics even though! =)

  4. Glad to hear you are feeling better! Looks like a fun week despite being sick!!

  5. I hope you are feeling better! I love looking at your photos! Parker is so cute and I love just how happy he looks all the time!!

  6. What a cute idea! Love the pics. hope you're feeling back to normal!

  7. I'm so glad you're feeling better! And it looks like Parker had a great week even though you were stuck inside!

  8. glad to hear you are feeling better! love all parkers pics of wandering around gettin in to stuff. so funny.

  9. Boo for being sick! I feel like everyone is sick right now. Must be the weather changing (yay spring!). Parker looks like such a fun baby. Seriously, is he ever not smiling??

  10. Oh how wonderful that he plays so well by himself - and creatively too! Definitely a blessing right there! Being sick and a mom really does pose some challenges! Glad you're on the up and up!

  11. Oh Bolt!! Marisa used to like it, and I watched it hundreds time and still love "Mitten" Glad to hear you feel better, I feel you, suffer the hay as well.. it happened to me after gave birth to Marisa, I guess I gave all my immunity to her..

  12. The adorableness of Parker totally makes up for the boringness of pictures that don't involve leaving the house. I'm counting on the same thing this week.

  13. Despite a terrible week for you, Parker looks like he had a good one. I'm happy to hear you're feeling better :)

  14. Sorry you guys have been sick! We were too! Where is Parker's little sharkie towel from?! LOVE!


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