Friday, March 4, 2011


so by now you've surely seen the handwriting meme that is going around, right?  well i was tagged by shawntae at "a little king & i" to show off my handwriting & who was i to say no.

i love handwriting.  i'm kinda obsessed with it.  when i was in junior high/high school i would write the alphabet over & over & over until i liked what i saw.  i'm a little out of practice now since i don't spend near as much time doodling anymore, but here goes:

{we were to answer eight questions... they are posted below}

{click to enlarge}

1.  your name & your blog name.
2.  your blog url.
3.  write: "the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog!"
4.  your favorite quote.  {what?  you've never heard my quote?  go here.}
5.  your favorite song.
6.  favorite musical artist/band.
7.  say something... anything.
8.  tag some people to do this.

there you have it!  now you try.  if you do it, leave me a link in the comments so i can come check it out.

and for good measure since this post is lacking in p-ray goodness, i'll leave you with this:

i bet those little hands will make for some pretty cute handwriting some day.

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  1. I;m so going to do this. I'm off to bed now but I'll post it up in the morning. k. XD

  2. This is going on my list of posts to do. I dig your's very arty-ish. Yeah that's a word...what?!

    I love how much concentration p-ray has in that picture. What's on his hand that's making him so focused?

  3. sweeeeeeeet handwriting. it doesn't even look real. :)

  4. Love your writing! ..OH and the pic of your lil cutie and him looking at his hands. Too sweet!

  5. Your handwriting is pretty fantastic. Wanna write mine out for me?

  6. Your handwriting is so fun and happy - it looks like it should be a font!

  7. Modest Mouse, Coldplay and Jack Johnson = some of my fav's ;) (and your handwriting is SUPER cute, looks like a font of some sort)!!!

  8. your handwritting is the cutest ive ever seen! like scrapbooking "font" material here. :)

  9. Your handwriting would be perfect, wouldn't it? Ha ha. Bah.
    Oh and I have to say, we don't have the same taste in music - but I think we can still be friends! ;-)

  10. your handwriting is suh-weet! It should be a font. I did my own post too, check it out. Ya know, if you want ;)

  11. I loooove your handwriting! It's soo pretty! We should doodle together in June. :)

  12. we def love most of the same music! tool is the oddball of my collection.

    i get to see modest mouse (again) at sasquatch!

    i like your handwriting!

  13. "I like turtles" Is one of my favorites too!! I can't get enough of it! hahahaha
    Plus, Wake Up by Arcade Fire is one of my faves too.
    We were meant for each other.

  14. haha hes thinking..."how do I do anything with these little hands"....haha

  15. You have such good hand writing. Mine looks like an old man's! OH and I like turtles too!! haha. Makes me laugh, did you ever see the web redemption Tosh.O did on it? I don't know if it was because it was like 3 am when I watched it or what but I laughed so freaking hard!

  16. ooooh whats the blog bootcamp seattle thing?<<<interested!

  17. Your writing is so neat that it looks like a computer font! haha Mine? ya, not very nice most of the time..

  18. Ahh. Your handwriting is ADORABLE.

  19. you're handwriting is a million times better than my best. Love.

  20. Brilliant blog posting. I found your post very interesting; I think you are a brilliant writer. I added your blog to my bookmarks and will return in the future.


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