Saturday, March 12, 2011

weekday recap - {in iPhone pics} w.17

{so i'm pretty excited about this week's weekday recap.  why?  well, if you hadn't noticed in previous weeks my pictures sometimes sucked.  yeah... super fuzzy & blurry.  my iphone camera was pretty scratched up, but i got it fixed on tuesday.  YAY!}

the sun came out on monday which was amazing.  an outdoors run in the sun in march in the pnw?  definitely qualifies as amazing. my spring fever got about 15x worse.

we also discovered parker likes puzzles & watching tv while sprawled across sam's lap.  silly boy.

tuesday is the day everything changed.  we hit up the apple store & they fixed my scratched up camera lens for free... no more blurry phone pics!! huzzah!  i got a pink iphone case to prevent repeat damage & sam & parker celebrated by practicing some wrestling moves before bed.

everyone was pretty excited.

i slipped on my new toms {love!} & headed downtown for some errands & grocery shopping.

also?  i kicked off my new "clean eating" goal {a post on this to come} by treating myself to a shiny new klean kanteen so i can up the water intake.  fyi, i wanted one in every color but went with dark blue.  i may or may not go back for a purple one.  or a green one.  or a yellow one.  i may or may not have many klean kanteens in the near future.

i couldn't stop kissing p-ray's little cheeks after work on thursday.  i swear he is growing up so fast, & in just the eight hours of my work day, i felt like i was picking up a little boy rather than the baby i had dropped off at the sitter's.  who is this kid??

and parker's kinda obsessed with story time.  it's definitely one of our family's favorite parts of the day.

parker had a bit of a rough morning... and by rough i mean he was up by 7:00am & super cranky.  so actually, it was me who had a rough morning.  we still made it out to stroller strides where i did a 6 minute 45 second wall sit.  no big deal.

friday night our homies ryan & christie came into town.  yes, these friends again.  we must be awesome hosts because christie slept from about nine to midnight, then went to bed.  we are that cool.

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  1. I have been contemplating getting a pair of Toms for about 6 months now, but haven't broken down yet. Looks like another fun week!

  2. You go with that wall sit! I'm glad you got your iphone fixed.

  3. LOVE Tom's. Im excited to hear about clean eating thing AND I am insanely jealous you get to participate in stroller strides {there is NOT one where I live}

  4. Love the market shots in the fruits! Good for you! And the water canteen sounds cool...

  5. Definitely looking forward to hearing more about clean eating! Yay for new toms too... the most awesomesauce shoes ever! Where do you do stroller strides at?... I've been heavily contemplating it since the weather has been so nuts!

  6. That is a VERY impressive wall sit. I'm happy when I can make it through the alphabet song. And I'm a total idiot because I had NO IDEA you could replace the lens on an iPhone. I just cleaned mine off and suddenly my pics look better! Man, I am not smart!

  7. I love your Toms! Looks like a fun week. Parker is such a cute little smarty pants with his puzzles.

  8. i love that puzzle picture! and yay for toms and a new water bottle! you are doing seattle right! haha im curious if you had insurance on your phone or if they just fixed it without it. i wanna try! and you are badass for that wall-sit. i would have made it like four seconds i think! haha

  9. oh and i forgot to say: FREDDIES FO' LIFE!

  10. I'm excited to hear about clean eating....I'm not sure if it's for me, but it sounds intruiging for sure!

  11. Looks like a great week. Yay about your phone lens.

  12. I always wondered why your iPhone pictures looked so foggy!

    I swear the picture you texted me was a kaki pair of toms but in this picture they looked gray. What color did you get 'cause I'm thinking gray for me :)

  13. I don't blame you, I'm not sure I'd ever be able to stop smooching those awesome cheeks!

  14. I'm going to get myself some toms. I've heard great things. And I love the grocery shopping pics, too. Too cute!


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