Saturday, May 7, 2011

weekday recap - {in iPhone pics} w.25

p-ray & i just got done walking the March of Dimes this morning!  i am still totally on that "i just did something good" high for lots of reasons.  i had fun with the other walkers, it felt great to get up early & go walk six miles in the fresh air, & i'm proud to have reached my fundraising goal of $100 thanks to my amazing friends & family!!  thank you all a million times over.

all in all, a huge success.  pictures to come on monday.

but for now?  here's a look at what we were up to this week.

monday.  i had to have the news on all day as more & more info about the osama raid came out.  such crazy news.

the second picture was meant to get me in my new running hat, but it turned out way more awesome than i could have ever hoped.  check out parker's face in the background... i love that kid.

sam came home from work exhausted & after wrestling a bit with parker on the floor, totally passed out.  poor guy.  and parker?  he was just being parker.

tuesday.  it was unexpectedly gorgeous on tuesday.  so we headed where else?  target.

wednesday.  another gorgeous day.  heather was sporting the shorts & tank top look at stroller strides while kaylee donned her sun hat & read books.  silly girl.  and we may or may not have met sam at target after work to pick out new bedding & then hit up our second favorite place... costco.

thursday.  i ate my breakfast on the go as i drove into work... the same thing i have every morning.  a chocolate strawberry protein smoothie.  yum.  and we had a cinco de mayo taco lunch feast which was freaking delicious.  win.

how many times have i mentioned parker & sam's mutual love for wrestling?  not enough.  here it is again.  i can't get enough of these two & their father/son antics.

friday.  after stroller strides, i came home & made a pretty tasty lunch.  turkey/tomato/avocado sandwich on a mini wheat bagel with apple slices on the side.  i felt pretty proud of my healthy self.  

parker played with his farm animal blocks & designated sam as old macdonald.  and after his bath, parker joined sam in watching the lakers get beat by the mavs.  go dirk!  

and last but not least, i had to document what time i went to bed friday night... suupppper early for me.  but i didn't wanna be tired for the March of Dimes so it was totally worth it.  and who knew eight hours of sleep felt so good??  i might have to do it more often.

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  1. That picture of your hat with Parker in the background is hilarious! His little face cracked me up.

  2. Oh Parker you are one cool dude! :) glad you had a blast today! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!

  3. i love the one of you with parker in the background. he's such a little comedian.

  4. Parker's face in the pic w/ your running hat is PRICELESS! Too cute. ^_^ You sound like me, my DH would never consider anything after 11 early for bedtime but it is for me!

  5. Parker's expressions make me laugh! Looks like a fun week!

  6. Your healthy food looks delicious. And so does Parker. I want to nom on his face.

  7. Cute photos. Looks like a good week.

  8. the picture of you in your hat with PRay in the background is awesome! Such a doll...

  9. I'm so glad today went well. And I love the wrestling pics :)

    AND I'm super jealous of 8 hours of sleep! I might actually get that tonight if I can ever step away from the computer...

  10. Fun week! I just like Target a lot, huh? And you're funny that 11:15 is an early bedtime! I'm usually asleep by then!

  11. I love seeing some of these pics on instagram during the week and then seeing them together at the end with the commentary!
    As usual, Parker's faces crack me up.

  12. Happy Mother's Day Amy! I'm super behind in all my blog reading from our vaca but I will be catching up on all your posts this week. Parker is so cute, you're right, his face behind you on Monday is hilarious!!! xo

  13. Seriously, what time do you go to bed at night? Because I absolutely love when I can wake up to your new posts in the morning!

  14. Just found your blog through Harper's Happenings and her link up to this. I love this idea so much! I'm going to make an effort to take more iPhone pics this week so I can link up next week!


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