Saturday, May 28, 2011

weekday recap - {in iPhone pics} w.28

happy last full week of may slash memorial weekend!

monday marked a milestone for p-ray.  it was our official first-in-store meltdown & it happened in target of all places.  actually, not ironic.  when you go to a store three times a week i guess your odds of something crazy happening there are increased, yeah?

so these pictures mark pre-tantrum, during tantrum, & post-tantrum.  i can't blame him too much... it was lunch time, he was starving, & i was pushing my luck.  it was nothing a little squeezy pouch off the shelf couldn't quickly fix.

the reason for the tantrum?  that little red belt wrapped around his waist in the middle picture.  it really hinders his twisting around & checking out the scenery abilities.  and also, his standing up & stomping on the seat abilities.

auntie jodi came up tuesday morning to hang out with parker all day while i went to work.  that smile in the first picture pretty much captures how much he loves his auntie & how excited he was to see her that morning.  i'm pretty sure he didn't even notice i was gone.

the smiles continued that night when we discovered parker's favorite food:  lasagna.

wednesday.  i enjoyed a couple quiet hours during naptime & thought about being productive, but wasn't.  after parker woke up we hung out, played with toys, & skyped with sam... who was gone monday thru thursday again for work.  boo.

thursday started off with a run around the capitol grounds which apparently was much more exciting to me than parker {stink face}.  after our run, we hit up the grocery store where parker just played it cool.

that night sam got home (yay!) and my niece jessica & her fiance brandon got into town from an impromptu rode trip up here from utah.  apparently we were having too much fun to take pictures.

friday we showed jessica & brandon a good time around the city which obviously includes lunch at lemongrass.  we also hit up the farmer's market, some shops, & a tour of the capitol building.

parker was pretty into the stairs.  he's easy to please.

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  1. We loooooove squeezy pouches over here! They solve just about anything. And I don't know what I love more- the stink face or Parker playing it cool :)

  2. Is your Lemongrass Vietnamese? We have a Lemongrass here which I'm sure is very different, but still my favorite Vietnamese in the city. So good.

  3. Aww the Target meltdown. We've seen a few of those from Hannah. Parker looks super cute with his squeezy pouch.

  4. Looks like a super fun week! Lemongrass sounds amazing.

  5. Very full week! Love it all...

  6. it's hard to imagine any meltdowns from your baby - he's always got such a contagious smile on his face!

  7. I'm finally joining in! Excited to be a part of it as I've been following everyone's "week in photos" for awhile now. Hopefully I can keep this up!

  8. fun week yo! i have to pull stuff off the shelf and bust it open often! haha i used to eat at the lemon grass in renton on my lunch breaks when i worked in kent! nom!!

  9. that stinky face picture is soooo funny. Oh my goodness and I love that parker already knows how to put out the vibe. He's so "advanced". haha

  10. Love the photos you captured of his little tantrum. :) Such a cute mad face!

  11. It looks like you had a nice week:) I once looked after an 8-month-old boy in Italy. He loved stairs too.

  12. i love the monday series - that scene reoccurs every 6 minutes for us.


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