Saturday, May 21, 2011

weekday recap - {in iPhone pics} w.27

happy saturday everyone!  it's that time again, where i photo-dump camera pics from our week.  it's amy & parker picture overload since sam was gone monday thru thursday for work.  we missed him lots.

monday.  sometimes eating toast is pretty hilarious.  p-ray:  extreme couponer.  snuggled up on the couch watching toy story.

tuesday.  we started the day off right with a post-breakfast run, & i started day one of using crest whitestrips.

that evening i got parker some new kicks... check out his sweet new dc's!  i love 'em.  he did too.  i could tell because he insisted in walking all over the mall while pushing the stroller in them.  and he thanked me by giving me lots of big wet kisses.

wednesday.  it was a gorgeous sunny day but i had to go to work.  at least i got to eat my lunch outside & soak up some sun.

parker stayed at home & played with auntie jodi all day.  they played so hard he passed out on the floor after she left.  he was super groggy & clingy after he woke up, so i just put him to bed an hour early.  he passed out for the night at seven.  that never happens.

thursday.  parker woke up hungry at 5:30am, so when i got up to make him a bottle i caught this gorgeous sunrise.  one perk to having an early riser i suppose.  although, i can't complain... he went back to sleep until 8:30.  that afternoon we had a lunch date at subway & parker gulped down some chocolate milk in his sippy.

then sam got home & the world was right again.

friday.  hit up some stroller strides on a super sunny, super gorgeous day.  sam {who had the day off} rode his bike to the park & met us.  we hit up olive garden where sam & parker did some coloring & parker stuffed his face with breadsticks.  they are incredible.

we finished the week off with some dvr'ed shows in our pj's & hit the hay super early.  i was out by eleven.  and that never happens.

hope you guys had a great week.  i can't wait to see them... link up below so we can all check 'em out.  happy rapture day, friends!

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  1. I love his lil scrunchy nose faces!! ADORABLLLEE!!!

  2. i LVOE thursday's sunrise!! beautiful!

  3. That Wednesday picture of you is so gorgeous it's hard to believe you took it with your phone! P-ray just gets cuter by the week.

  4. Looks like you guys had a great week! Loving those little shoes he's rocking. So cute!

  5. Love the part about when Sam gets home 'all is right with the world'...nicely done!

  6. fun post as usual amester! Just when I think Parker is sooo happy to see his auntie, I see pictures of him when sam gets home and he's sooo much happier to see him. That is so sad! haha just kidding.....maybe

  7. What a great looking week! I can't believe little P feel asleep on the floor! So funny and cute. I can't go to O.G. because I basically make breadsticks dinner. Not good! :)

  8. Yay for Sam coming home! And I love the pic of him pushing the stroller. He looks like a little teenager :)

  9. Adorable photos. I love those DC shoes. So cute.

  10. his new kicks are the coolest! he looks so grown up pushing around the stroller!!

  11. I love his new shoes!!
    And, the extreme couponer pic is pretty hilarious :) I know of a couple real-life's nuts!

  12. love the hat love the shoes. parker is one stylish dude!

  13. don't you love those wet sloppy kisses? I like the photo of him pushing his and their independence.

  14. Parker sleeping on the floor is pretty adorable. Almost as cute as his little scrunchy faces.

  15. Cute post -- love the iphone pics! My sister has an itouch and she bought the hipstamatic app (after I pleaded with her -- ha! ;) so I could use it. Too fun!

    Have a lovely day!

  16. Linking up for the first time! Whoot whoot!

  17. Parker eating breadsticks may be my new favorite picture of him!

  18. Ah! Totally late linkin' up! Your son makes the CUTEST faces! How do you stop yourself from eating him up?? lol I wish I could capture that beautiful sun flare on my phone, I never think to do it. Blah. I know he's eating a breadstick, but it totally looks like a twinkie, and now I want a twinkie. lol

  19. hi. I know your sister very well. she sits for my daughter - a lot of people tell us she should model, 2 famous people too (but they could not help me in the right direction)....i tried to look up agencies on line to send the pictures etc but was not sure which ones were legit etc... any advice, sites suggestions. thanks


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