Friday, July 22, 2011

a call for awesome people in august!

whoa, for reals?  august?  i'm not quite convinced.  if you live in the pacific northwest then you're probably not either.  but that's what the calendar says & that's what we go by.

you guys.  august is gonna be a real darn fine month, i can feel it.  real darn fine.  the sun is bound to come out, we're gonna get a taste of summer, & there's gonna be sunshiney happiness splattered all over the blog.  who doesn't like that?  i'm pretty excited about it.

and you should be too.  which gives you all the more reason why you should become a totally cool awesomely spectacular sponsor of this here little blog.  august is gonna be filled with not only lots & lots of p-ray cuteness {per the uge} but also all kinds of bbq's, playdates, & something i want to post more about:  health & fitness topics.  hooray!

think you might be interested?  you totally should be.  here's what ya do.

1.  pick out your ad size:

2.  email me to reserve your spot:

3.  send me your ad to display.  don't have one or do you need it resized?  no worries, we'll get it figured out.
4.  wait for august to roll around so you can see your pretty button on my sidebar & your pretty face featured in my posts!

i look forward to working with you & getting your shop/blog/website more traffic!  let's do this.

how about a way to support us that you can do right this minute?  click twice to vote.  now you're my fave.
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  1. umm where is the parker love? I need a little parker in my life. I guess I'll have to wait till tomorrow. Lame
    Just kidding, you know I love ya!

  2. Can we on the east coast send some of you pacific-northwesterners a bit of the heatwave we're having?? Pretty please???

  3. I'm praying you are right about August in the PNW!!


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