Saturday, July 23, 2011

our week by iPhone - week 36

let's just get this out there right off the bat... i took a lot of pictures this week.  but i can't help it when i have a kid that is constantly go-go-go with a huge smile on his face all. the. time.  i want to capture every single second of his silly life!

here are a few from this week.

monday.  i attempted a sweet mother/son picture after stroller strides.  parker wiggled out of my arms to go run around with the kids.  is this already happening?  i thought i had a few good years of being cool to him before he picked friends over me!  boo.

after a quick trip for groceries {where p-ray just really really wanted to play with a random pepper}, it was home for lunch & a nap.  and it was one of those days where he woke up from his nap super giggly & snuggly.  so we giggled & snuggled.  and took pictures.  it's what we do.

tuesday.  parker insisted i put these shorts on him right after his first diaper change of the morning.  not even kidding.  he was signing "please" & trying to put his leg through them.  so why would i say no?  then he proceeded to break into an interpretive dance... apparently.

after naptime we headed to the mall where i may or may not have relaxed on a fitting room bench while parker ran around the room yelling & listening to his echo while sucking down a squeezy pouch.  yup, i'm that mom.

and then sam read parker some stories before bed & it was adorable.

wednesday.  parker obviously keeps up with internet memes because he did some planking before our work out.  he obviously doesn't know you're supposed to point your fingers towards your toes.  or that owling is totally the new planking.  oh and?  parker may or may not have spent our entire workout pants-less.   long story.

the rest of the day consisted of a bubbles party in the kitchen, baby yoga on a basketball, wrestles with dad, & stealing all of the water out of my cup.  because water from my cup tastes much better than his.  go figure.

thursday.  i went to work & did my hair, so that deserved a picture.  then sam & i met for lunch at our favorite burrito bus {yeah, it's literally a school bus}& i enjoyed rubbing my very satisfied food baby afterwards.  yummm.

i rolled around on the floor with p-ray when i got home, sam made him laugh hysterically during dinner, & his bubble-bath-toy brought a bout of bath-anxiety to an end.  hooray!

friday.  i made up for parker playing it cool at stroller strides on monday by making him take lots of pictures with me after class.  but see that first picture?  he was totally down with it.  he's gonna be a mama's boy a few more years after all.  oh yes, he is.

and?  it had been wayyyy too long since we'd been to target so we went to there.  then we came home, sam & parker did their thing at dinner & i went out to take pictures of my bestie's family.  don't i look like a pro?  i was totally faking it.  this was my first family shoot ever.  but i look legit, right?

that was our week!  how was yours?  i wanna see, so link up!

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  1. You look all kinds of professional in that last shot. :) Check you out! And P-Ray? Cutest dude ever! I love his little expressions!

  2. how has baby yoga on a basketball not caught on yet? Kid is totally a trendsetter. And his form is impeccable. P-Ray, once again = my hero.

  3. I love baby yoga on a basketball. Too cute!

  4. His short story is so sweet and silly. I just love that your kiddo is so happy and smiley all the time, it's adorable. :)

  5. You are such a cute mommy! I know the feeling of taking a million pictures of your little one, your pictures turn out way better then mine do :)

  6. Parker is such a happy kid! Adorable pictures, and I love the idea of "our week by iPhone" linking up now!

  7. I love all your pictures :) so cute! I was wondering what app you have on your phone to make your pictures look like that?

  8. the basketball picture kills me! he seems like such a fun little guy :) the burrito bus looks super cool. Reminds me of where we used to live in Austin, there's an organic restaurant with an old train. Kids love it! All the pictures are super adorable! :)

  9. Adorable pics!! Your little guy cannot simply get any cuter. love your self portrait shot :)

    p.s. Sorry I linked up twice, the first one didn't link to my blog so I had to re-do it. Hopefully you can delete it.

    Have a great weekend!

  10. You guys are so cute!

    I added my link for the first time. This is great.

  11. Oh my goodness. Parkers outfit on monday is impeccable! His little belly is so cute. Im guessing its safe to say that he has a fav pair of shorts.

  12. Loving those green shorts with stripes! And baby yoga looks super relaxing! Can't wait to see the photos from your photo shoot!!

  13. I keep laughing at the shorts and stripes. LOVE that kid.

  14. I love the basketball yoga! And the shorts with PJs. So adorable!

  15. Looks like a fun week. Don't ya just love this age? It's so fun. All the discoveries they're making.

    And yay you for the family photo shoot! I don't think I realized you had your own business! That is so exciting. I happen to think your photos are really good. I would totally hire you!

  16. P-Ray is just so full of the cute and his antics are hilarious. You could post a zillion pictures and I'd never get tired of him!

  17. Parker on the basketball is killing me. He is so cute. I think him and Landon would have an absolute ball together. They are both so silly. :D

  18. p.s. Your week iphone is almost due to have a baby. only 4 more weeks!


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