Saturday, July 9, 2011

weekday recap - {in iPhone pics} w.34

whoa.  where the heck did this week go?  it's all a fuzzy blur of holiday-summery-goodness.  let's relive it, shall we?

spoil alert:  something major happens on friday.

monday was the fourth of july & we celebrated in true parent style.  sam wanted to do some yard work {go crazy!} so parker & i went for a run.  don't feel bad for him, i cleaned the inside of the house beforehand.  we're all about equal opportunity around here.

after the our house was all ship-shaped, we headed to a fourth of july festivus where we picnicked in the grass to eat bbq & frozen bananas.  we found ourselves on an impromtu hike when we chose to take a "shortcut" back to the car so we could make it in time to our fro-yo place before they closed.  we made it & it was delicious.

then parker slept through the sounds of WWIII while sam & i watched fireworks displays on tv.  turns out watching fireworks on tv is actually awesome because you can rewind the finale & relive it.  can't do that live, suckas.

tuesday started with a mini-hike & playdate with some of our besties.  the weather was amazing & we had to be outside in it.  then we headed to costco for some essentials {ie: razors, otter pops, & string cheese.  you know, the staples.}

it was an all around good day.  my little guy is so much fun to be around lately & i truly enjoy everyday we get to just hang out together.  and side note on that last picture: i'm not that skinny.  i promise there is more belly hiding behind parker's juicy thigh.

wednesday.  if you follow me on instagram {which, if you have an iPhone you totally should... amy_agoodlife. find me & say hi!} you saw a similar picture posted, only it included abs.  you guys?  i'm feeling good.  i'm feeling like i'm finally back on track in my health & fitness stuffs.  look forward to some future wellness posts.

and bonus points if you noticed p-ray's cute little face poking up above the counter.

it was a gorgeous day.  we spent lots of time out in the sun & even hit up some more fro-yo.  yeah, we may have a slight addiction.  once parker was in his pj's & ready for bed i took off for a girl's night.  nothing like talk of diapers & boob size fluctuations over some half price apps to make you realize you're not alone in this crazy thing called motherhood.

i was stuck in some construction on the way to work & decided to commemorate a good-hair-day by waving "good morning" to my instagram friends {seriously, are you on instagram yet?  you should be, it's pretty much my favorite ap.}  we had a picnic potluck at work & i provided the green salad.  i'm telling you guys, i'm being super healthy.

back at home parker played all day with the babysitter & did cute things like get gobs of food in his hair while signing "all-done!"  it's so cute i don't even care about the sticky hairs.

thursday night consisted of a campfire, s'mores, & a ridiculously cute sleeping baby.  'nuff said.

friday morning parker had plenty of time to hang out in his pj's & get into mischief before stroller strides since he was up at like 7:00.  that's early for us!  ick.  we hit up some target after stroller strides where parker nommed on some squeezy pouches & half my pretzel.  he's definitely his mother's son... the kid can put away some serious pretzel.

i couldn't resist this shirt, "Everything I know I learned on The Street."  ummm, cute right?  i thought so.

we had another campfire friday night where i hit up round two on the s'mores.  and here's the crazy part... parker WALKED all over the place.  i can't reveal too much, this is obviously a post in itself.  so there's the teaser.

some late night skyping with blogger friends wrapped up a pretty amazing week.  and now i'm ready for an even amazing-er weekend!  

that was our week!  how was yours?  i wanna see, so link up!

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  1. You look great!! So excited for a fitness post, I need some motivation! Parker is walking, YAY!!! What a big boy!

  2. That 'Street' shirt is too cool! Just perfect...looks like a great week!

  3. Parker in the striped pajamas? Too too cute!

    And dang mama, you're buff!

  4. Wow!! You are looking awesome mama! YAY Parker!! How awesome!

  5. woohoo for muscles & for walking! And I really hope my Target has that shirt. It's perfect for when we go back to Sesame Place!

  6. Next time you go to Target, head over to the guys' shirt section. In their t-shirt section, they have a grey version of that shirt with a lot more characters on it that says "all my homies are from the street". It's SO super soft - I sleep in mine all the time!

  7. I need to buy an iphone so I can take good pictures too! Oh and Liam started walking last week too, hopefully I will get our video up this weekend!

  8. OK, he already looks so much bigger in just that one pic of him walking!! I can't wait to hear all about it!

  9. Go Parker! I hope you have video of the little cuteness walking :)

  10. Love your pics! We are big fans of fro-yo (just got back from yogurt land actually, have you been there?) as well as stroller strides. You're looking good mama, keep it up! And congrats on the walking baby. Life is about to get even more interesting :)

  11. Horray for Parker! And horray for you lady, look at those GUNS. Ah-maze-ing.

  12. yay for costco pajamas! i got wyatt the same blue stripped ones. i actually bought them in 3t because i'm sick of him outgrowing pajamas and we'll just roll up the legs a bit for awhile.


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