Friday, August 20, 2010

and so it begins

parker has officially learned to grab. grasp. tighten his grip, & ... pull.

all my necklaces, earrings, & hairs are officially in danger.

i think he thinks that if he makes a face as innocent & cute as the one seen above, i won't mind. yup. he's pretty much right.

photo credit goes to my awesome sister gina & her awesome camera that i covet.


  1. True, what an innocent look - yet he does look a little like he is 'workin' it'. Too precious...

  2. He's too cute to get mad at!! (:

  3. That was so fun, he is such a cute little rascal. Love the look on his face in this one! :)

    love you

  4. oh, the hairs! finley is an expert grabber now and pulls things off the table if he's on our lap. plus my hair, eyebrows, lips, eyeballs...all fair game to the tiny but mighty grasp.


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