Monday, August 16, 2010

weekend in pictures

last weekend we had a bonus visit from my sister shelley. it was a "bonus" visit because she came primarily to go to her high school reunion, but we fit in lots of good visiting time too.

however, i am sad to report i didn't take a single picture the whole weekend. i am getting so awful! so now i present to you a summary of the weekend's events told through pictures. google images, & other pictures i already have from other times.

starting at the top left:

picked shelley up at airport & then had lunch at cheesecake factory. mmmm, who knew they now have a reese's peanut butter cup chocolate cake cheesecake? i'll tell you who knows... my belly. yum.

the hour drive back home took 2 and a half hours. awesome traffic. that night shelley went to her reunion stuff & we didn't wait up for her. however, we did offer to pick her up anywhere/anytime no-questions-asked if need be. we didn't have to though.

saturday was a nice lazy day. after sufficiently being lazy all morning, shelley & i ventured to the mall for some shopping.

since shelley's reunion stuff was an hour from our house, she really didn't feel like going after we had shown her how much fun hanging out with us in our living room all day could be. how could a night on the town be better than that? so, to make it a fun family affair, we decided we should all go & sam, parker, & i would waste some time around my home town while shelley did the reunion stuff.

after hitting lots of stop & go traffic (again), & parker throwing a fit in the backseat, we were starting to re-think whether our coming along was such a good idea. however, the baby fell asleep, we got shelley to her reunion stuff on time (well, fashionably late), & we enjoyed some tasty pizza. my belly was happy, & that means it was a good idea.

on sunday, sam fixed us an amazing lunch after church. is it so awful that my husband is a better cook than me? seriously, his bbq'ed baby back ribs fell off the bone & melted in your mouth. his roasty potatoes were perfect & the corn on the cob was the kind where the juices drip off your chin. why didn't i help, you ask? because he had it all done in the time it took me to feed parker. love that man.

after lunch, shelley & i watched a movie & i got the great idea to bake some banana bread. turns out it's not such a great idea to bake something for an hour when it's 95 degrees out. after the bread was done, it was 95 degrees outside & 90 degrees inside our house. but the banana bread was perfect.

after the movie, we took shelley to the airport & once again hit horrible traffic. but don't worry, she got there on time, we said our tearful goodbyes, & she flew home.

all in all, a great weekend.

and now, your reward for reading a summary of my weekend with no real story or point... or for at least scrolling down past all the paragraphs looking for something of interest... your moment of zen:

a picture of my super cute baby in super cute pjs.

you're welcome.


  1. I love all the pictures! That was pretty clever of you, Amy. Clever indeed.
    I miss Washington. We'll be there for Thanksgiving. Not soon enough :(
    I love you and that baby!

  2. Love the changes to the Title! Very suiting of the life changes... TWO THUMBS UP!!

    Great picture idea for the weekend and of course the cutest guy alive is stylin in his cute pjs! LOVE IT!!

  3. Such a fun weekend, Ame!!! I loved every minute. Thanks for a wonderful time. See you in a couple weeks!

  4. Those pj's are too cute. Where did you get them?

  5. thanks guys. i'm enjoying the changes to the blog too... & devin, i hope we get to see you guys even for an hour or two around thanksgiving?

    shelley, it was SUCH a fun weekend... we already miss you so much!

    jessica - the pjs in the picture are from old navy. but i bought them way back in february before little p-ray was even born.

    i found some similar ones i love at babygap seen here:

    but those were the closest i could find. still super cute!


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