Friday, August 27, 2010

flashback friday

today i'm starting what may or may not be a regular friday thing, depending on my mood. but i've seen people do it on other blogs & i'm gonna give it a go because that's the kind of control you have when you get your own blog. it's an amazing amount of power. i pretty much know how obama feels.

anywho, for today's flashback friday i take you waaaayyy back. way back to may of 2006.

graduation day. sam & i both graduated from washington state university (go cougs!) in the fine little town of pullman, wa. those were the days. not that these aren't the days too, but those were some days.

we had been married for 5 months by this point, and lived in our first little apartment for $420/month. it was right under beasley coliseum where we could walk 2 minutes to class, the rec center, sam's intramural football/softball/basketball games, many many cougar basketball games, & of course cougar football games. so many fun memories in pullman.

one of my favorite memories is walking home between classes through wind, rain, & snow during the horrible pullman winter to meet sam at our apartment for grilled cheese & soup lunch. this happened often... we really liked grilled cheese & soup. and it was cheap.

we moved from pullman the day after graduation to begin careers in our field; civil engineering for sam, wildlife ecology for me. graduated life has been good to us, but it's always fun to take a look back at the beginning.

and that was my first flashback friday! this is probably the beginning of something awesome. or a one hit wonder. either way, it was a good time.

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  1. Hey! You forgot to mention that mom, dad, and I came up for graduation. That was a fun time!

    It was a long time ago (17 years ago) when Bill and I were first married, no kids, living in a basement appt, still going to school - but they were special times :)

  2. I love these flashback fridays. It's great to take a moment and just look back. I looked at pictures from my husband and I when we were both 15 a couple days ago. Nostalgia!

  3. Shell - I didn't forget that part at all! It was a blast... the Pygmy rabbits, the packing/cleaning/loading up our apartment, & the time spent down at Sam's parents' place with the all you can eat home-made apple pie. It was so fun having you there :)

    Jess - yeah, I think I'll stick with the flashback fridays. I wondered if it was weird to just post a random picture & memory, but then I was like, ya know what? This is my blog & my place to journal, & you can't always be worrying about what potential readers will think. So, yeah... I'm gonna stick with it.

  4. omg, what a sweet and adorable little family you have! i found your blog thru...i cant remember! but i love it! and we seem to live in the same area too! except im a husky fan so be warned! ;)
    oh, and parker! he's way too cute!

  5. hey jill! thanks for stopping by... huskies are welcome here too :)

    i checked out your blog & you have a pretty cute little boy yourself!

  6. hey Amy.

    just getting back to you - do you still have blog design questions?

    i did design my blog, and the layout. if you could email me specifics, i may be able to help... or, i could design something for you via my etsy shop.

    let me know.



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