Wednesday, August 18, 2010

late night randoms

so i'm blogging at midnight the night before my one-day-a-week-in-the-office workday. why is it that i always get a rush of urgent to-dos late at night before a work day? yes, blogging falls under the "urgent to-do" category. life is hard.

the items discussed in this post are truly random... so, first things first:

better late than never

our nursery was featured on spearmint baby!
{waits for applause & cheering to die down}

way back in july. oops. ah well. you can check us out here:

that'll take you to someone else's blog who posted the exact pictures i already posted on my blog. but hey, it's my stuff on someone else's stuff. so therefore, i'm proud.

today's discovery

so remember how i waited in line for the new iphone 4 for 12 hours? well today i made a discovery that made it all worth it. it has voice controls. through the headphones. yup. now, everyone run out and buy one.

you see, i was out running with my new running partner... {insert token cute baby picture here}

...and had my iphone in a carrying case on my arm. i had already discovered the volume controls on the headphones, but i then noticed a strange mystery button in between them. i held it down and heard a little "duh duh" sound. i went out on a limb and said, "play playlist 'workout music'". my phone repeated back to me, "playing playlist 'workout music'". it then proceeded to do exactly that.

and then i fell in love. again.

you see, when i went down to working my day job as an ecologist part time, i knew there would have to be some monetarily/lifestyle cutbacks. i told sam i will be barefoot & starving before i give up my iphone. i meant it.

and lastly

you may have noticed my new "top baby blogs" badge on the top right of my sidebar. i joined this blog directory today but have to get continued "votes" to be ranked where anyone will ever see me. after reading my posts, if you wouldn't mind clicking the little badge, and then hitting that top link i would be much obliged.

oh, & you can vote daily. just sayin'.

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  1. What a cute nursery! That's one bad thing about living in an apartment - we can't paint the walls a cute color. I just voted for your blog!

  2. Amy you are so cute! I love you and I love that kid of yours. Congrats on being recognized in the spearment baby blog. That's fun!
    So I always joke to Carl about how I would never NEED an iphone. A. we have verizon and B. All I do is stay at home, so there is no real reason to have such a fancy thing, right?
    However you always do find a way to make it sound more and more appealing. Thanks a lot. I'll be getting the "I told you so" look from Carl soon. :)

  3. Can't wait to upgrade ours!! Amazing!!


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