Tuesday, August 10, 2010

vacation changes a girl

i think i need to go to vacation rehab. i'm going through withdrawals.

while on vacation, i got used to a few things. daily fast food, daily dessert, daily sleeping in, & daily grandma-watching-the-baby-while-i-go-to-the-gym. vacation was good.

and last weekend the party continued. i co-hosted a baby shower with way too many delicious foods & then we went down to portland to hang with sam's family for the weekend. more fast foods & desserts ensued.

i'm spent.

i pulled one of those, "ok. starting MONDAY i'm gonna be better." monday came & i did better. i had a great workout & ate pretty dang clean.

today is day #2 & i really want a blizzard. does it count as cheating if you get one on the way home from the gym?

parker swims

the hotel we stayed at this last weekend in portland had a salt water swimming pool. we swim-suited parker up & let him get his feet wet. he knew something wasn't quite right at first & hunkered down in sam's shoulder. but just like most new things parker tries out, they usually all end the same way.

he falls asleep.

i was more than happy to sit poolside with my bundled up & tuckered out little swimmer.


  1. I see no problem whatsoever with eating ice cream after a good workout. I workout so CAN have dessert. haha

    Oh my Gosh!! I love Parker's swimming trunks and all his adorable little rolls! Sitting poolside with him is definitely the way to go.

  2. very true laura. and since i'm nursing, i HAVE to replace all those calories burned somehow! what better way than to eat a tasty dairy treat?

    yeah, his little trunks were adorable. i should have gotten a better shot of them. super cute.

    when will we be seeing an updated post on your blog miss laura? it's been forever!

  3. so, i really wish it was still so cute to be fat when you're my age. i love the cheeks and the rolls and the fact that he fell asleep in the pool...priceless. i'm thinkin you should tell me next time you're in these neck of the woods so i get a look at that little dude up close and personal. so cute. well done :)

  4. adorable! i couldn't get finn to sleep so easily in a new environment, not ever!

  5. that is so funny that he just fell asleep in the water! What a cute kid you have :)


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